Munyaradzi Chauraya Child Abuse Video Surfaces On Twitter, Latest Arrest Reports and News

Munyaradzi Chauraya ( Source : Dailyscoop )

Munyaradzi Chauraya stunned social media after he was accused of molesting his ex-girlfriend's two-year-old child. He is charged with allowing the child to play with his genitalia while filming.

Mai Tt is calling for justice for the young youngster. Since then, she has brought in the police to handle the situation. First, she went to see Natalie, the kid's mother, who admitted to receiving the footage on May 17 but opted not to call the police.

After a confrontation between Natalie and Munyaradzi in which Natalie revealed her boyfriend, the tape was released.

Munyaradzi Chauraya Child Abuse Video Surfaces On Twitter 

Munyaradzi Chauraya's child abuse video has gone viral. Many users of this platform have shared these videos.

He has refuted the accusations, claiming that the man in the video is not him. He has reported Natalie to the police for deliberate damage.

After defrauding a woman of her 8000 dollars over an auctioned automobile, Chauraya is no stranger to the legal system. He avoided prison.

Social media claims that Munyaradzi believes he is untouchable and that his mother is a traditional healer.

Was Munyaradzi Chauraya Arrested? Charges And Photos

No, Munyaradzi Chauraya isn't arrested. But, on Monday, he was brought before the Harare Magistrates' Courts over charges that he had abused his lover's two-year-old daughter.

He didn't, however, show up in front of a magistrate. Instead, his case was returned to the police so they could conduct more inquiries. He will be ordered to appear in court when the investigations are finished.

Munyaradzi Chauraya Child Abuse
Munyaradzi Chauraya Child Abuse ( Source : Zimetro )

According to reliable sources, Chauraya is disputing the charges, saying that the manhood he possessed did not match the one seen in the video.

There is still no medical affidavit in hand. However, the youngster's mother, Natalie Taruvinga, is also anticipated to face charges for allegedly conspiring with the State.

Munyaradzi Chauraya Biography And Wikipedia Details

Munyaradzi Chauraya is a Harare dealer. Besides, there isn't much information related to him. His family details and family background are still behind the curtains. 

The State seized Chauraya and Natalie's cell phones and put them on display. According to reports, the youngster will be closely watched after being bound from Natalie by the Department of Social Welfare and sent to her father.

Chauraya will contest any assertion that the manhood in the video is his because he is adamant that it has something special that makes it different from the masculinity in the video.

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