Who Is Nada Bashir From CNN? Parents And Family Facts On Reporter

Nada Bashir is a CNN on air International reporter ( Source : cnn )

Nada Bashir is an on-air CNN correspondent whose parents are of Arabic descent.

At the moment, Bashir is working on CNN as an International reporter, based at the network's EMEA center in London. She attended University College London, earning a degree in politics and east Europe studies.

She started her career as a journalist in 2018 as an intern on CNN's data desk. She worked for CNN for over five years before beginning in March 2022 as its international reporter. However, the journalist also treasures her memories of her encounters with the UK. She speaks English natively and has spent most of her life in the country.

Nada has a solid commitment to developing her journalism profession. She began working for CNN as a News Desk Intern in January 2018. In May 2018, she was promoted to Freelance Producer after completing the assignment in four months.

Quick Facts About CNN Reporter Nada Bashir

Full NameNada Bashir
ProfessionJournalist in CNN
Height5 ft 5 in
Weight54 kg

Nada Bashir pictured after she completed her master degree
Nada Bashir pictured after she completed her master degree( Source : instagram )

Who Is CNN Reporter Nada Bashir? Wikipedia Facts

Nada Bashir received MHP's Young Journalist of the Year Award in 2022, recognizing the '30 To Watch Under 30' journalists.

CNN International's Nada Bashir is an Emmy-nominated reporter. Since coming to CNN in 2018, Nada has delivered influential, cross-platform reporting from all over the world, emphasizing Europe and the Middle East.

Additionally to being fluent in Arabic, she has training and experience working in various risk areas and war zones across the globe. Because she has worked in demanding environments, For Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast in 2021, she was one of the candidates for an Emmy.

With a bachelor's degree in politics and east European studies from University College London, Nada completed her studies before beginning her career at CNN. Her area of study was Middle Eastern foreign policy, namely Soviet and Russian foreign policy. Later, she earned a master's degree in global politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is an accomplished and confident journalist. Working in adverse circumstances suits Nada just fine. For emerging, young reporters, she is setting the bar high. According to her Linkedin profile, she has also toiled as a CNN freelancer for over two years before making an impact as an international reporter.

"Yemen Hunger Crisis: Made in America," a CNN documentary by Bashir, was released in 2021. She served as the film's associate producer, earning her an Emmy nomination the following year.

Nada Bashir has covered news from across the globe
Nada Bashir has covered news from across the globe ( Source : skynews )

Nada Bashir Family Background In a Nutshell, Parents And Ethnicity

Nada Bashir has Arabic heritage; thus, it stands to reason that her parents are likewise of that ethnicity.

However, there are typically no reliable anecdotes to back up these statements. Nada may have Arabic heritage on either her mother's or father's side, even though she is proud to be an Arab and speaks the language.

However, the journalist also values her experiences and recollections of the UK. Bashir has lived across the nation for most of her life and speaks English as her home tongue. She lives with her family in London, England, United Kingdom. 

Despite being on television and cameras 24/7, she has not shed light on her personal and family life to the media and the public. One of the reasons behind keeping all her background details a secret has to do with her profession.

Bashir has to report on sensitive topics and dangerous actions as part of her job, which may be the cause. If she exposed their identities, she might endanger her loved ones. As a result, she refrained from merging her personal and professional life.

Nada Bashir on CNN news channel set
Nada Bashir on CNN news channel set ( Source : archive )

How Old is Nada Bashir? Correspondent Age in 2022

Given her age, she is a young and energetic individual. Though she has not disclosed her age to the public, she is probably around her mid-20s or late 20s but not past 30.

For her age, she has achieved a great deal of experience. Nada has already cemented herself as a well-known persona on the news platform. She makes frequent trips to different parts of the world since she covers news in various places.

Nada reached a professional turning point in 2020 when she joined CNN as a producer. She's started a new path as an international correspondent now. It's not easy having her job. She is influential, motivating, and among the finest in her industry while having complex and demanding work. 

To familiarize the audience with events worldwide, the courageous girl visits some of the most violent regions. The majority of the Middle East and Yemen are included in Bashir's trip journal. She has reported on news in several areas of Europe and the UK as well.

CNN journalist Nada Bashir discussing on the matter of the killing of British lawmaker
CNN journalist Nada Bashir discussing on the matter of the killing of British lawmaker ( Source : twitter )

Is Reporter Nada Bashir Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Despite there have been a rumor going on about CNN reporter Bashir's love life, she is not married, hence no husband.

However, multiple reports claim that she is in a relationship with someone she dares to share with the media and people. But one thing for sure is she has not been wedded and has no intention of being entangled in married life any time soon.

Though she might not be married, she shared lovely pictures of her friends Chris and Audrey·wedding on her Instagram on August 23. On top of that, Nada is always occupied with her work and barely gets time to get attached to someone as of now. She is a hardworking and dedicated woman who recently covered the Queen's funeral on CNN.

How Much Is Nada Bashir Net Worth in 2022?

Though it may seem uncanny various media outlets have stated that CNN International reporter Nada Bashir has a net worth of a whopping $10 million.

It is a no-brainer that she earns a good amount from her profession. She occasionally travels to various dangerous and violent places in the world for the sake of journalism, keeping her life and everything at risk.

Similarly, according to Glassdoor, a Reporter at CNN makes an average pay of $67,465 per year. However, she might get separate incentives for her daring work.

She has visited predominantly African nations in the heat of the wars, such as Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, and many more. In places prone to violence, such as Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon, Nada has covered various situations and worked as a front-line reporter with the respective country's military forces. It is really heroic of her to have witnessed the faces of terror and horrors of the world.

CNN reporter Nada Bashir net worth is $10 million
CNN reporter Nada Bashir net worth is $10 million ( Source : instagram )

What is Nada Bashir Nationality? Is She British or Not?

Given that Nada is an Arabic name, many individuals and media outlets have assumed that she is from an Arabic country. The assumption hasn't been verified, though. She has lived most of her life in London, United Kingdom.

Bashir spent the majority of her life in the United Kingdom because she grew up and received her schooling there. The reporter went to University College London before joining CNN. She visits many other parts of the world, though, because of her line of work. She is useful for reporting in middle eastern nations because she speaks two languages.

She has been a journalist for just three years, but in that time she has established a tremendous name for herself. Internationally renowned journalists Nima Elbagir, Nic Robertson, and Ben Wedeman are just a few of the ones she has previously collaborated with.

Nada Bashir Picturesque Instagram Photos

One significant benefit of traveling to different parts of the world is getting a chance to witness and capture all the cultural and natural essence of that nation.

And though Nada has been to many countries because of her work, it is never a bad idea to take some time off the job and soak in the country's artistic and natural beauty. On her Instagram, @nadaabashir, though not popular and has less than two thousand followers, has uploaded glimpses of the world.

In August 2021, the courageous CNN reporter posted a picture of herself in the deserts of Yemen, driving miles as a frontlines press, and she also uploaded a few clicks of people and places she saw. It is a whole different experience scrolling her Instagram profile.

Moreover, in January 2022, Nada penned a picture of the Eiffel Tower on her Instagram with "Bonsoir Paris" while she was in France. She is slowly winning people's hearts through her work and hope the whole world will soon be familiar with her and her great deeds.