Is Natasia Demetriou Pregnant In 2022? Stand Up Comedian Pregnancy News And Weight Gain Journey

Natasia Demetriou Is Not Pregnant

Natasia Charlotte Demetriou is a comedian, actress, and screenwriter from England. She is well-known for playing Nadja in the FX horror comedy What We Do in the Shadows (2019–present) and Sophie in the Channel 4 sitcom Stath Lets Flats (2018–2021).

She is a staple of British humor and has performed in numerous comedy shorts in addition to her television roles. The artist has also been nominated for multiple Critics' Choice Awards and has taken home the Best Actress in a Science Fiction or Fantasy Series award for her portrayal of Nadja in What We Do in the Shadows.

Charlotte's pregnancy rumor is currently making headlines. Nonetheless, the stories are unfounded; as far as the general public knows, Charlotte has not spoken about her pregnancy. When comparing her before and after photos, she appears to have gained weight, which first led to pregnancy buzz, but this is simply a result of her love of delicious food.

Is Natasia Demetriou Pregnant? 

The Big Flower Fight co-host is not pregnant. We know that her pregnancy title tattle is capturing the limelight; however, the actress has not announced the matter, so it is better not to follow the gossip.

Natasia Demetriou doesn't seem quite active on social media platforms, indicating her satisfaction in maintaining privacy. But if it were for the revelation of big news such as pregnancy, the actress would have communicated through any social outlets to inform her fans. However, because that is not the case, let's continue to accept that Natasia is not pregnant.


The word on the street about Natasia's pregnancy originates from her recent appearance on season 4 of What We Do in The Shadows, where she was seen to have gained weight. Since the fourth season of What We Do in the Shadows premiered, Natasia Demetriou's weight gain has been the most recent subject to dominate discussions among viewers. 

At the same time, most viewers are less interested in the series' plot and more fascinated by Natasia Demetriou's weight gain, which is not particularly dramatic but is nonetheless visible, compared to when the fourth episode of the horror comedy was released. 

Fans then began to speculate that she might be expecting.

People Are Noticing Weight Gain In Natasia Demetriou

In the most recent season of What We Do in the Shadows, Natasia Demetriou has evident facial puffiness, and Nadja, the character she plays, is dressed more loosely to hide the weight gain, as speculated by fans. 

People presume that she may be pregnant because of the baggy outfits and the fact that she has gained belly weight. Fans have been curious about Natasia Demetriou's weight gain since they first learned it. And given that she is a woman, it was only natural for others to assume she was pregnant.

Furthermore, there is another side to the rumor as well. While many have assumed that Natasia may be pregnant, others believe she has already given birth to a child. Scuttlebutt of Natasia having already given birth to a child in late 2020 is prevalent with logical arguments that she didn't appear to have gained weight in 2020 while hosting the unscripted reality competition series The Big Flower Fight in 2020.


The comedian hasn't publicly acknowledged or discussed her weight gain or the causes of it, though. She's made no effort to confirm or dismiss the rumors she expects. Not that it is a compulsion that she has to offer anyone an explanation, but given all the whispers that circulated following the season 4 premiere of What We Do in the Shadows, the majority of them presumably believed that she would soon start speaking.

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Natasia Demetriou's Husband

Natasia is assumably single at the moment and undoubtedly not married. The upbeat actress is famous for keeping her life private; therefore, she would not release the names of her husband or partner, even if she had one.

Adding to the context, Natasia had once discussed her dating experiences and unsuccessful attempts to find a partner on Tinder in a chat with The Guardian. She claimed that she mainly used Tinder to meet people for awkward conversations. The actress later added in the discussion that she onetime liked a man on Tinder, and after he sent her awful messages, she retreated.


Natasia appears to have experienced less than ideal luck searching for a spouse or a partner. However, there is a possibility that she is keeping her particular someone hidden from the public, but we won't know until the actress informs us about it. Also, Jamie Demetriou, that people wonder be her husband is her brother.