Nazenin Ansari: Farhad Moshiri Wife and Family Facts

Farhad Moshiri was married to his former wife Nazanin Ansari ( Source : kayhanlife )

Nazenin Ansari, a former wife of Farhad Moshiri, is an Iranian journalist living in London who works as the managing editor of the weekly newspaper Kayhan London and a series producer for Manoto.

He is a Monaco-based businessman who is British and Iranian. He serves as the chairman and a shareholder of USM, a diversified Russian holding company with significant holdings in the telecom, technology, internet, and metals and mining industries. Everton, a team in the Premier League, is likewise primarily owned by Moshiri.

Farhad Moshiri, a multibillionaire, is the chairman of a Russian holding company. Businessman Moshiri is a British-Iranian who resides in Monaco. In addition, he owns shares of USM and acts as chairman while doing so. USM works in the mining, technology, telecom, and internet sectors.

Quick Facts On Farhad Moshiri

NameArdavan Farhad Moshiri
ProfessionBritish – Iranian Businessman, Chartered Accountant
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Date of Birth18 May 1955
Age66 Years
Ex-WifeNazanin Ansari
Net Worth$2.8 billion

Inside The Married Life Of Farhad Mishiri And His Ex-Wife Nazenin Ansari

Farhas was formerly married to an Iranian journalist. Previously married, Moshiri and Nazanin Ansari split in 2015.

They haven't disclosed the specifics of their divorce yet, but they have two kids together. The names of their children are unknown. However, they appear to reside with their mother despite the lack of information. Another well-known lady, Nazanin, presided over the Foreign Press Association in London.

 Farhad Moshiri was married to Nazenin but they went through a divorce
Farhad Moshiri was married to Nazenin but they went through a divorce ( Source : theblueroomefc )

Besides the couple's 27-year marriage, nothing is known about their courtship. Moshiri hasn't revealed anything about his family other than them. Even the identities of their parents are still a secret.

His father was a pathologist by training and eventually served as a senior military judge. Moshiri's mother was the proprietor of Kayhan, a prestigious publishing business where his ex-wife had previously worked.

More About Farhad Mishiri Family

The billionaire left Iran before the revolution began despite being born there. His mother controlled a sizable publishing house in Iran, while his father was chosen as a top military judge after 1979.

There is no information on whether he had more siblings, but his upbringing wasn't strict because his parents held respectable jobs. Speaking of his schooling, he received a degree in statistics and economics from University College London. Later, he traveled to the UK to pursue chartered accountant certification.

 Farhad Moshiri with his family
Farhad Moshiri with his family ( Source : dailymail )

Moshiri began his professional career in his early to mid-20s. He began working for Ernst & Young before transitioning to Deloitte & Touche as a senior manager. As a result of his work, he was given the titles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Director of GNE Group plc and Europe Steel Limited, respectively, after 1993. 

He currently holds the position of Chairman of USM Holdings and has made significant investments in various soccer organizations.

Farhad Moshiri’s Net Worth and Career In 2022

Farhad has amassed a fortune because he has worked since he was very early and has become a member of the boards of directors of well-known corporations. Forbes estimated he has a net worth of $2.8 billion.

He is an accountant by trade or degree and has held management positions for large corporations. While the precise amount of his pay at such enterprises is unknown, it was not where he amassed his fortune.

 Farhad Moshiri has a huge net worth of $2.8 billion
Farhad Moshiri has a huge net worth of $2.8 billion ( Source : forbes )

After cooperating with Usmanov, he invested in several ventures, which allowed his money to grow. Moshiri is a Russian steel producer, telecommunication service provider, and mining company shareholder. Additionally, he holds investments at Metalloinvest. He later offered his Arsenal stock back to Usmanov, a billionaire.

The self-made billionaire serves as USM Holdings' CEO and is the club's largest shareholder. The most renowned club in the world is Everton, a premier league soccer team.

How Old Is Farhad Moshiri?

In his late 60s, the billionaire has made the most of his life. Mr. Farhad has some financial difficulties due to the conflict in Ukraine, but he is still working to become a successful businessman. The businessman has a pretty good height for a British man, as seen in his photos. His size is not proven. However, we estimate he is close to 5 feet 10 inches tall.

The enormous football fan is physically pretty fit. In addition, he doesn't even appear to be in his late 60s. He has taken control of his physical health and nutritional diet to appear younger than he appearce. 

Farhad Moshiri is 60 years old in 2022
Farhad Moshiri is 60 years old in 2022 ( Source : evertonfc )

Even though we do not yet know his body's measurements, considering his great height, we estimate that he weighs about 75 kg.

Facts You Should Know About Him

1. Although his parents left Iran before the revolution, Moshiri was born there.

2. even though his parents held respectable jobs, Farhad is a self-made billionaire.

 Farhad Moshiri   at a stadium watching a football match
Farhad Moshiri at a stadium watching a football match ( Source : dailystar )

3. For 27 years, Moshiri was married to a journalist; the couple had two children together.

4. Despite having limited ownership interests in several ventures, he is a significant shareholder in Everton Football Club.

5. The multibillionaire lacks a personal social media account. He communicates with the public by using his company to do so.

Farhad Moshiri In Talks To Sell Everton For Around £400m

Farhad Moshiri, the largest stakeholder of Everton, is close to selling the Premier League team to American entrepreneur Maciek Kaminski for about UK£400 million (US$439.1 million).

Real estate investor Kaminski was formerly a member of a group that tried unsuccessfully to buy the English Premier soccer team earlier this year. The consortium commenced a period of exclusive discussions that ended on July 1st, officially fronted by former Manchester United and Chelsea CEO Peter Kenyon.

Farhad Moshiri in talks to sell Everton to US businessman Maciek Kaminski
Farhad Moshiri in talks to sell Everton to US businessman Maciek Kaminski ( Source : sportspromedia )

Moshiri then stressed in a letter to supporters that the team was not for sale, though he acknowledged that he would welcome a small investment to help finance the club's new stadium. Despite this claim, the Kaminski family served as the primary funding source for the investor group.

Some FAQs

Who Is Farhad Moshiri Wife?

Farhad Moshiri was former wife Nazenin Ansari is a London-based Iranian journalist, managing editor of Kayhan London.

How Much Is Farhad Net Worth In 2022?

British- Iranian businessman has an attractive net worth of $2.8 billion being the board of directors of famous companies

Does Farhad Moshiri own Everton?

Moshiri, 67, bought Everton from Bill Kenwright in February 2016. He formerly held a share in Arsenal. Moshiri increased his stake in Everton to 94 per cent this January.