Is Neal Katyal Still Married To Joanna Rosen? US Former Solicitor General Children Details

Neal Katyal

Neal Katyal's wife, Joanna Rosen, is a well-respected physician and the mother of his children. 

An American lawyer and academic, Neal Katyal, introduce himself as an extreme centrist. He is notable for serving as Acting Solicitor General in the former Obama administration in the United States.

He is one of the best-selling authors who has previously worked in Constitutional law and Criminal law. Working in the field for several years, he is also prominent for looking after 43 cases before with oral arguments in Supreme Court. 

On top of that, he was also renowned for being the youngest professor to receive a chaired professorship and tenure in the University's history. 

As astonishing as his professional life sounds, let's learn more about his personal and marital lifestyle.

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Who Is Politician Neal Katyal Wife Joanna Rosen? 

Politician Neal Katyal and his wife, Joanna Rosen, tied a knot in 2001, having a prosperous marriage life. She became public attention after making her relationship official with the renowned lawyer. 

Besides, Joanna herself is a physician who completed her graduation in 1993 at Yale University School of Medicine as a doctor. Despite being an expert in internal medicine specialist and having a successful career, she likes to keep her life private. 

The couple has been together for decades and shares an unbreakable bond with each other. 

Rosen grew up with her parents, Estelle and Sidney, and her sister Jeffrey, National Constitution Center CEO. She has decades of medical experience and serves at Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center. 

Besides her professional life and all the fame, the couple is supportive of each other and has a beautiful family. 

Neal Katyal Have Three Sons As Their Children

Neal Katyal shares three sons with his long-term wife, Joanna Rosen. However, being a public figure and having political fame, the couple has decided to keep their children low-profile. 

Regardless, in November 2017, their three kids were reported to be aged 12, 14, and 16. Coming back to 2022, they might be around 16, 18, and 20. 

Moreover, Natal reportedly talked with each of his kids before going to Supreme Court so that they would ask questions about him; meanwhile, he would get to the core problems. 

For now, their children appear to be pursuing their education while aiming for success. Nevertheless, as his kids grow up, the couple might not keep the matter private and go public with their kid's life. 

What Is Neal Katyal Religion?

Neal Katyal neither follows Catholic nor Jewish religion; however, his wife, Joanna, is of Jewish American descent. 

Also, he mentioned, "Despite not being Catholic, I went to a Jesuit high school and currently work here. It has a great deal of significant nonreligious values."

He does not appear to open up about his religion; in the meantime, Katyal also respects everyone's religion. He is an immigrant from India; his mother is a notable pediatrician, and his later father was an engineer.