Does Ilka Reimers Caddie For Nicolai von Dellingshausen? Family Background Explained

Nicolai von Dellingshausen playing golf and leading the game ( Source : Golfchannel )

Nicolai von Dellingshausen is a popular German professional golfer. He currently plays on the Challenge Tour. 

Nicolai von Dellingshausen, the scion of a noble family whose history dates back to the 15th century, has fond memories of the BMW International Open.  

Who Is Nicolai Von Dellingshausen Caddie Ilka Reimers?

Caddie Ilka Reimers works full-time in a clinic as a radiologist in her third year of residency. When she graduated from high school, she started working as a C trainer and golf model. She has been in four Golf House catalogs.

Nicolai von Dellingshausen and Caddie Ilka Reimers discussing in the field
Nicolai von Dellingshausen and Caddie Ilka Reimers discussing in the field ( Source : Instagram )

She has been dedicating her time to golf for more than 17 years. She supports her sporting ambitions and her friend, a German playing professional Nicolai von Dellingshausen, in his promotion to the European Tour.

She mainly uses her vacation to travel as a caddy at his side. She believes being so close to professional golf gives you goosebumps and teaches you even more respect for this sport and the achievements of professional golfers.

In 2018, she had the chance to look after players and guests at the BMW International Open in Cologne, to be involved directly followed by the Ryder Cup in Paris, and was there for the first time live at a professional tournament.

Is Nicolai Von Dellingshausen Married? His Wife

Nicolai Von Dellingshausen is not married but he is taken and is in relationship with his caddie, Ilka Reimers. She has been beside him in all his games and promotions. She has been a caddie and carrying his bags around with him.

Nicolai von Dellingshausen is a professional golfer from Germany. He turned professional in late 2016 and played on the 2017 Pro Golf Tour.

He lost in a four-person elimination in February at the Tony Jacklin Open before winning the Tazegzout Open in March. He picked up further victories at the Adamstal Open and the Sierra Polish Open, along with two other finalists.

Nicolai von Dellingshausen and his girlfriend Ilka Reimers on the Instagram
Nicolai von Dellingshausen and his girlfriend Ilka Reimers on the Instagram ( Source : Instagram )

His third victory earned him an immediate promotion to the Challenge Tour. In his third Challenge Tour event, he finished second in the 2017 Bridgestone Challenge, where Oscar Lengden won with a birdie-birdie-eagle finish.

He is the winner of the 2017 Pro Golf Tour Order of Merit.

Who Are Parents Of Nicolai Von Dellingshausen?

Nicolai Von Dellingshausen has not revealed information about his family or personal life. He has chosen to keep his private life in the shade and progress in his professional career. 

While he was an amateur, he won the 2011 Belgian International Youths, 2013 German Match Play, and 2016 German Match Play European Men's Club Trophy. He has an official Instagram account with the username "@nvd_golf." He has more than 3k followers on his Instagram account.

Five years ago, he played for the first time on the European Tour at this traditional tournament in the Munich-Nord Eichenried golf club and ended up being the best German in 26th place.