Copenhagen Mall Shooting: Does The Suspect Noah Esbensen Have His Own Youtube Channel? Is He Associated With Stram Kurs? All Facts

People look at a makeshift memorial on Sunday, February 15, outside a synagogue where an attack took place Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Three people were killed, and three others suffered critical injuries after a 22-year-old Danish man opened fire inside a shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark, on July 3, 2022. 

Police have arrested a gunman involved in the mass shooting that took place at a mall in Copenhagen, killing three people and wounding several, three of them critically.

The 2015 Copenhagen shootings were the last mass shooting in Denmark, and this one is the bloodiest single shooting in Danish history. The incident happened at the Field's shopping center in Copenhagen's restad, a growing neighborhood on Amager.

Before 5:30 p.m., a man entered the mall while toting a hunting rifle. In a picture, he was wearing a vest or sleeveless shirt with knee-length shorts. At 5:37 p.m., police got the initial reports of a gunshot; 11 minutes later, a guy was taken into custody.

Mall Shooting: Who Is Noah Taarup Esbensen? Suspect Youtube Channel Name 

Noah Taarup Esbensen, a 22-year-old Danish, has been reportedly identified as the suspect involved in the mass shooting, that took place at a mall in Copenhagen.

The suspect had a YouTube channel named Noah Esbensen, which has been taken down. According to The Daily Mail, Esbensen recently uploaded a number of videos to YouTube. The video, titled "I Don't Care," showed the shooter holding a gun to his head.

Esbensen's recordings also show the gunman utilizing the weapon, a favorite of Nordic sports shooters, during the shooting spree. Following the shooting, the site has taken the videos down.

Noah Taarup Esbensen Stram Kurs Association

Noah Taarup Esbensen, the suspect of the mass shooting in Copenhagen, has been identified to be associated with Stram Kurs. He is Stam Kurs member. He was chasing Muslims in the mall, according to eyewitnesses.

Rasmus Paludan, a Danish attorney, launched the far-right political party Stram Kurs in Denmark in 2017. The party's founder, and his anti-Islam activities and protests are virtually solely linked to it.

The size of Hard Line's membership is unknown. Paludan is the party's leader; it lacks local or regional chapters, and instead of being chosen by the members as is normal in Danish parties, party leaders are appointed by him. 

Noah Taarup Esbensen Charges 

Noah Taarup Esbensen is likely to face multiple federal hate crime charges carrying the potential of the death penalty after killing three people and wounding several in the Copenhagen mall mass shooting.

Copenhagen Head of Police said that they are "convinced that the 22-year-old suspect apprehended was the shooter, he was carrying a firearm and ammo."

Numerous people were evacuated from the Royal Arena venue next to the mall, according to Danish police on Sunday. A Harry Styles concert was slated to take place at the arena, but it got postponed in the wake of the tragedy.