Here comes one of the most interesting case ever with Nadya Denise Suleman aka Natalie Denise Doud-Suleman. She rose to fame when she gave birth to her eight children in January 2009. Since then, she is widely known as “Octomom”.

It is the very rare thing to occur that giving birth to octuplets and more difficult is to nurture them. You are almost getting it harder to raise your only child, right? But single mother Suleman already had 6 children waiting for her at home when she was giving birth to more eight children. Let’s take a look on how is she looking after her fourteen children and self with minimal resources.

Nadya Suleman is an American media personality born on 11 July 1975 in Fullerton, California, U.S. Her father, Edward Doud Suleman was in the Iraqi military and also owned a restaurant. And her mother, Angela Suleman was a school teacher who died in 2015. She went Nogales High school and later joined California State University.

She was just woman-next-door but instantly came into limelight overnight. Why so happened? She achieved the attention of the entire world because she gave birth to eight children at once which made her Octomom. Additionally, all those babies survived beating the previous survival rate of Chukwu octuplets in 1998.

She holds the title of Octomom of the 21st century. But her maternity also turned into controversy with ultra multiple births and that’s too with the help of technology. Public reacted negatively to her decision of having so many babies with earlier six children and she was also jobless at that period.