Has Olivia Newton John Had Plastic Surgery? Singer's Face Looks Different At The Time Of Death

Olivia Newton, singer and actress passed away at 73

The multi-talented British Australian singer Olivia Newton took her last breath on August 8, 2022. 

She died at her home in California after she lost her battle with cancer at age 73. The globe has paid homage to the legendary artist upon her demise on Monday. The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress is best recognized for her portrayal of Sandy in the musical film "Grease."

Newton died peacefully at her residence encompassed by her family and relatives in Southern California at her Ranch on Monday morning after battling cancer for more than 30 years. She had breast cancer.

 Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery - Before And After Photos Of Singer

Observing a remarkable wrinkle-free face but a rather puffy complexion led people to speculate that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Because she didn't want to resemble "those women" in the showbiz industry, Olivia Newton-John maintained she would never get any plastic surgery in her life, and she never did. It was just a rumor.

However, the Grease actress said that she had previously felt tempted and had even sought advice from plastic surgeons when she was not feeling well. "'I've had points in my life when I've gone to see plastic surgeons." But Newton-John said she could not process it, and now she felt grateful for not going down that path of cosmetic surgery.

When Olivia was given the news that she had breast cancer in 1992, she underwent a cerebral hemorrhage and breast augmentation. Olivia admitted that she did not approach the operation "lightly." Besides, the actress fueled a rumor in 2012 when she was spotted with clear and wrinkle-free skin on her face.

Olivia Newton Before (2009) and After Photo (2013)
Olivia Newton Before (2009) and After Photo (2013)( Source : Dailymail )

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Beautiful Singer Olivia Newton John Tattoo

Numerous admirers and well-known personalities of the entertainment industry started sharing thoughtful comments and recollections at the news of her passing. 

Newton-spouse John Easterling, daughter Chloe, siblings Sarah and Toby Newton-John, and other close family members are left behind. In an interview with CBS News, Newton-John revealed that she and her husband John have a similar tattoo on their left ankles.

They were both enjoying a vacation in Australia when the thought of getting a matching tattoo struck her head. "Hey, I thought I was only going to get a tattoo once in my life!" she said to John, and in no time on their anniversary, they both went to a tattoo shop in Australia and inked a spiral pattern on their ankles.

Newton-John received cancer diagnoses in 1993, 2013, and 2017. She used medicinal marijuana to treat the pain as the condition advanced to stage 4.

Chloe Lattanzi Went Through Massive Plastic Surgery And Rhinoplasty

The 73-year-old singer had a daughter with his first husband, Matt Lattanzi, in January 1986. Her name is Chloe Rose Lattanzi. She is following in the footstep of her mother. 

Olivia Newton with her daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi
Olivia Newton with her daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi( Source : Nydailynews )

But she is more famous for her numerous plastic surgeries. Following her appearance on Dancing With The Stars with a frozen-looking face, enlarged lips, and breasts, Chloe Lattanzi has drawn attention through cosmetic treatments.

The 36-year-old reportedly spent over $550,000 on plastic surgery, including Botox, filler, and Rhinoplasty, in addition to breast augmentations and Botox.

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