Olivier Giroud Brother Romain Giroud Left Football To Become A Nutritionist

 Oliver Giroud's brother, Romain Giroud was a football player.
Oliver Giroud's brother, Romain Giroud was a football player.( Source : journaldesfemmes )

Olivier Giroud has a brother named Romain Giroud who works as a Nutritionist in France. Giroud and his brother played football together when they were young.

Giroud is one of the leading men for the France football team in the Fifa World Cup 2022. He scored two goals in the French team's first group-stage game against Australia. The AC Milan striker also played in the clash with Denmark on November 26, 2022.

Very few people know that Giroud's elder brother, Romain Giroud, was also a footballer. The two brothers were raised in the nearby village of Frogs, close to Grenoble. Here are some more exciting things to know about his brother and family in the section below.

Olivier Giroud Brother Romain Giroud Played Football

Romain Giroud is the brother of Olivier Giroud who has played professional football in the French lower division.

Giroud's big bro played football and won titles until 2014. He started his career at Auxerre B in 1998 and moved to the Rennes B team. Between 1999 to 200, he played for the Grenoble B. However, he spent most of his playing time at Echirolles.

Oliver Giroud's brother, Romain Giroud played as a centre defender.
Oliver Giroud's brother, Romain Giroud played as a centre defender. ( Source : journaldesfemmes )

For the 2005-2006 season, he played in the French 6 tier with Seyssinet and ended his career with Gieres. Romain has shared the dressing room with footballers like Grégory Ursule, Eddy Capron, and Fabien Debec.

Romain Giroud during an interview.
Romain Giroud during an interview. ( Source : voici )

Having played professional football for many years, Romain represented France at under-15 and under-17 levels. He was also a teammate with stars like Thiery Henry, Nicolas Anelka and David Trezeguet at the Auxerre academy.

The 5 feet 9 inches tall athlete mostly played as a defender. 

Olivier Giroud Brother Now Works As A Nutritionist

Romain Giroud became a nutritionist after retiring from his professional footballing career.

Olivier Giroud's brother gave up a prospective professional career to pursue his studies and become a nutritionist. Initially, his family did not take the decision positively, especially Oliver, who saw him as his idol. But as time passed, Romain did exceptionally well in his new career.

Romain Giroud worked with the AS Monaco.
Romain Giroud worked with the AS Monaco. ( Source : france3-regions )

Romain holds a degree in dietetics and has worked with FGC Rugby as well as top sportsmen in the area and the city of Grenoble. He has held positions at AS Monaco in charge of monitoring and supporting players in their daily nutritional strategy.

In the meantime, Olivier started his athletic career by playing for his hometown team, Olympique Club de Froges. He is often regarded as one of the most underrated strikers in the world, having won every prestigious title with France and his clubs.

Olivier Giroud's family.
Olivier Giroud's family. ( Source : bionicoli )

In 2020, when Olivier made his 100 caps for France, Romain said it was an emotional moment for him and the family. 

The proud brother said: "It was an important moment. This does not leave us indifferent. We thought of him well during the day. The game couldn't have gone better. All counters are green. I just hung up with him; he's going to training."

Romain continued: "It's a lot of emotion, so it's hard to transcribe. He wanted to share that. He is pleased on a small cloud. Lucid about the fact that we must continue and that other deadlines are coming very quickly, he was very touched by the many messages of friendship and the attention he received from everyone."

Romain Giroud Is Ten Years Senior To Olivier

Romain Giroud is ten years older than Oliver Giroud and turned forty five this year.

Born on June 8, 1977, in Chambéry, Romain was a role model for his younger brother, who turned 36 years old this October. The siblings have a striking resemblance to one another.

On Twitter, Internet users have made a hilarious comparison between the brothers. One of the users has jokingly said Romain Giroud is an "alter-globalist" or even "organic" version of the former Blues striker. Similarly, a fan says Romain is Giroud disguised in Patron Incognito.

Oliver Giroud and his brother share a striking resemblance.
Oliver Giroud and his brother share a striking resemblance. ( Source : twitter )

Olivier Giroud has stated that he became passionate about football due to his brother. As a child, he once said he feared the 1980s comedy character 'Alf'. Due to this, his brother, Romain, regularly taunted him about his fear of the much-loved sitcom star.

Giroud has said: "My brother got used to teasing me about the kid's TV character called Alf. I was very much afraid of him because he was so ugly. My brother used to tell, Be careful; Alf is going to take you tonight!' He went too far with it!

Romain in an interview.
Romain in an interview. ( Source : twitter )

When asked about the first football kit, Giroud said to Tribal Football that it was of his brothers. He has said: "Maybe my brother's France shirt from when he played with the youth national team. He played for France's Under-15s, and I was six years old. He was a center-back."

"He played with Henry, Trezeguet, and Anelka! He was a talented player but didn't have a professional football career in the end."