Is Sports Reporter Omar Kelly Leaving Sun Sentinel In 2022? What Happened To Him?

The reporter of Sun Sentinel, Omar Kelly announced his departure from his current job ( Source : Phinsnews )

Omar Kelly is a sports reporter at Sun-Sentinel. He is further a writer, journalist, columnist, and producer. The name of the journalist from Miami, Florida, has been soaring on the Internet as he is reported to be leaving Sun Sentinel.

The well-known journalist is a part-time Dolphins reporter and covers the Miami Dolphins and NFL for the Sun Sentinel. The South Florida native and graduate of Florida A&M University started his career as a sports reporter in 1997.

The NFL columnist Omar Kelly is often referred to as Florida's fastest, most accurate, straightforward, and entertaining sports media person, offering pragmatic viewpoints.

The news of him pulling out of Sun Sentinel has drawn attention and baffled everyone, especially the fans of his work. Read further to unlock the full story.

Is Sports Reporter Omar Kelly Leaving Sun Sentinel In 2022? 

Omar Kelly will indeed be leaving Sun Sentinel. He announced this information on social media, confirming it. With his recent tweet of August 3, 2022, Kelly stated that the upcoming week is his last week.

According to the sources, Omar declared that he was leaving his current news job on the Big O show on YouTube. There are several concerns and comments on Twitter regarding his departure. Likewise, there were replies on the post where a user claims Omar made a hunt years ago about quitting.

Kelly talked a few days ago about coach McDaniel using more downfield routes to free up Jaylen Waddle. Kelly added that he was encouraged by the coach's recent movement and shifts, which showed creativity, and that Miami might rank among the top 15 offensive units.

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Update 2022: What Happened To Omar Kelly?

The sudden announcement made by Omar Kelly in the decision to leave Sun Sentinel has unquestionably shocked the sports fan. Several of his fans expressed their surprise on social media and questioned why he was leaving. Nonetheless, there is no revelation yet.

Not every fan of his handled the news well. Some questioned whether they should call the Sun to inform them of the journalist's value and whether he would still be in the news reporting after leaving Sun Sentinel or Dolphins. While we can see the disappointments of some of his followers, several people have wished him luck in his transition to a new career.

One of the Twitter users quoting Omar Kelly's tweet regarding his views on Austin Jackson
One of the Twitter users quoting Omar Kelly's tweet regarding his views on Austin Jackson ( Source : Twitter )

The majority of Kelly's childhood was spent working in stadiums and arenas, selling goods and food to Dolphin, Marlins, and Heat fans in the hope that one day he would be able to play for them. Kelly was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Miami-Dade County (Carol City).

Omar lived up to his Jamaican roots while pursuing a degree in journalism at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, working multiple stringer jobs and internships to pay for school.

Before moving on to the Boston Globe (where he interned twice), Detroit Free Press, Palm Beach Post, and South Florida Sun Sentinel, which ultimately brought him home in 1999, his journalism career began at the Miami Herald as a high school and college intern.

Talking about his family life, Omar Kelly has been married to Marilyn Kelly, his best friend's partner, for over two years. The couple has a young daughter, born in 2021.

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Details On Omar Kelly's Health; Where Is He Going?

People have also assumed that Omar Kelly left because of his illness or other health issues. Nevertheless, the journalist has not confirmed any such thing. This speculation was made because Kelly abruptly left Sun without giving a reason, leading his supporters to think if he was facing an illness.

On Twitter, one of his followers shared that Omar was leaving because he was being complimentary towards the dolphins rather than bashing them to generate shock and clickbait.

Omar Kelly's fans find it shocking when he abruptly declared about leaving Sun Sentinel
Omar Kelly's fans find it shocking when he abruptly declared about leaving Sun Sentinel ( Source : Thephinsider )

Moreover, Omar responded a short while ago by saying that during his 15 years covering the Dolphins and seven years covering the Canes, he never chased anything and always got to work. He further questioned whether he was sugarcoating since he was about to leave.

The major question for the followers of Omar Kelly is- where is he heading now? According to a rumor, he is leaving the Sun Sentinel to work for the Pittsburgh Gazette, while others claim he is leaving to cover the Titans.

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