Who Is Pablo Salum? Biografia Details To Know About The Digital Creator

Pablo Salum is a Founder of Red Librementes and a Worker Fighting for Human and Animal Rights.

Pablo Salum is a digital content creator and the founder of Red Librementes. Most people know Pablo Salum for saving animals, protecting vulnerable women, and working for human rights. He additionally works as a social worker, opposing coercive organizations.

Due to his effort and bravery, the son of the coercive organization, Buenos Aires Yoga School, Marcelo Guerra Percowicz, has just been placed under an international arrest warrant by Argentine law enforcement.

Learn more about how Buenos Aires Yoga School's truth correlates with Pablo Salum.

Who Is Pablo Salum? Biografia Details To Know About The Digital Creator

Pablo Salum is an activist for human and animal rights; he is also the founder of Red Librementes, an organization that fights coercive cult institutions.

Salum was the first youngster to escape and report what was taking place in the organization known as "Yoga School." He was only 14 years old when he filed his first complaint against the anomalies concealed behind the school's activity.

The Buenos Aires Yoga School in Argentina was disrupted over the weekend in a massive operation that the Federal Investigations Superintendence dubbed "Secta Sociedad Anonima."

The story of Pablo Salum; the world applauds him for his good work
The story of Pablo Salum; the world applauds him for his good work( Source : Youtube )

Pablo is familiar with many of the 19 detainees and the five people for whom international arrest warrants have been issued for being part of the Argentine-based group that also had operations in the United States.

The group is reported to be engaged in human trafficking and forcing people into service, among other offenses. The cult firm hidden behind the school's name has included individuals with the justification that they sought to promote "the development of happiness" and had solutions for grave issues like AIDS and narcotics.

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Pablo Salum: Family And Net Worth As A Creator

While Salum is lauded for his bravery in exposing the truth of this shady yoga school, he has lost his beautiful family to the same organization. 

The Buenos Aires Yoga School was originally a school of philosophy, a New Age community, where yoga was performed, and people used to visit it for their health and happiness.

Pablo's mother also went there for medical attention, and the place tarnished her. Over the years, the capture of people and submission expanded, attracting more followers.

According to Salum, in charge of the organization, Juan Percovich and his son, Marcelo Guerra, had politicians, celebrities, and human rights people under them and provided them with sexual favors with people from the organization.

Pablo's mother and sister were also the victims in this regard. In the words of Pablo Salum, "I went from having a beautiful family, I went to having nothing. They left us totally destroyed.

There is no mention of Pablo Salum's net worth on the Internet. The man works primarily as an activist and social worker.

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 Where Is Pablo Salum Actually From?

The 33-year-old Pablo Salum is from Argentina. He was born and raised in the country where he currently serves as a reformer. As of this writing, Salum does not have a Wikipedia page. Pablo is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Salum was eight years old when he was captured by the Yoga School where he spent his childhood. The coercive cult organization eventually took in his mother and sister. He escaped from the organization and reported it, being the first to do so.

A tweet made for the bravery of Pablo Salum
A tweet made for the bravery of Pablo Salum( Source : Twitter )

On August 13, 2022, the cult institution in the name of Yoga School was dismantled as it faced a raid, along with other 50 raids in the city and province of Buenos Aires. Salum testified against the criminal organization in TN.

Their primary crime was human trafficking, which forced children to have sexual relationships with adults and their parents. The organization generated foreign revenue and acquired homes and automobiles through various means, including establishing foundations abroad.

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