Paolo Banchero And Chris Banchero Are Cousins, A Look Into Their Filipino Family Origin

Paolo Banchero And Chris Banchero ( Source : Fastbreak )

Many basketball fans are curiois to find if Paolo Banchero And Chris Banchero are cousins or not. Explore their relation below in this article.

One of the best players in the 2021 class, Banchero was a unanimous five-star recruit. But, despite the odds, Banchero decided to play college basketball for Duke on August 20, 2020. 

Despite receiving offers from prestigious NCAA Division I schools like Duke and Kentucky, most recruiting experts believed that he would choose Washington as his school of choice.

Are Paolo Banchero And Chris Banchero Cousins?

Yes, Paolo Banchero And Chris Banchero are cousins.

Paolo has Italian ancestry on his father's side and African American ancestry on his mother's. In February 2020, he received Italian citizenship.

Italian-born Chris Banchero, Banchero's cousin, plays basketball in the PBA. They each won a title at O'Dea High School. 

Paolo Banchero With Trophy
Paolo Banchero With Trophy ( Source : Mixedarticle )

Chris was raised in a multiracial household. His parents were Jacqueline Guerrero, a Filipino mother and an Italian father.

He has been in numerous newspaper stories and local magazine covers besides basketball. He is also a product endorser and model.

When he has the time, he dabbles in other sports like golf. 

Does Paolo Banchero Belongs To Filipino Origin? Ethnicity Revealed

Paolo Banchero, a basketball player, is of Italian and American ancestry. In college basketball, he played for the Duke Blue Devils.

On November 12, 2002, Paolo was born to parents Rhonda and Mario in Seattle, Washington.

In addition to his parents, he also has a younger brother and a younger sister, according to the sources, if we count his siblings.

At four and six, Paolo started playing football and basketball, respectively. Even so, he took part in the competition. 

He was a top talent in the 2021 class and a predicted top-3 pick in 2022. He was also a unanimous five-star recruit. In addition, he received the ACC Rookie of the Year award in 2022.

About Paolo Banchero Family

Paolo's parents, who excel at sportsmanship, are entirely thankful for his extensive athletic history. His mother, Rhonda, played college basketball for the Washington Huskies women's team, which held the record for the most points scored for nine years.

Also, Rhonda was selected in the third round of the 2000 WNBA draft and was in high demand domestically and abroad in the American Basketball League.

Chris Banchero In An Interview
Chris Banchero In An Interview ( Source : En )

Later, she was employed by Holy Names Academy in Seattle as a basketball coach. In addition, his uncle and father, Mario, were collegiate football players for Washington. There, his father worked as a tight end.

Paolo's parents got along well during their time in Washington, and destiny had its way. Being avid athletes, Paolo's parents immediately saw the talent and competitive spirit brewing within him.

They introduced Paolo to a range of sports because they knew he was quick and intelligent. He shares his father's Italian heritage.

Since Paolo was born in the United States, many people would be unsure of his identity; nonetheless, in February 2020, young Banchero gained his Italian citizenship. 

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