Who Is Paul Breach On TikTok? Beautybeyondthe_eye On Instagram

Paul Breach Is A Popular TikTok Creator From England ( Source : Instagram )

Paul Breach is a popular name on TikTok who is known for making cringy videos on Tiktok, and he is also famous for being involved in various controversies.

He became famous on Tiktok by doing cringy dances and absurd videos. He is the topic of discussion for various people who get offended by his actions. He has established himself as a cringe-content creator.

Who Is Paul Breach On TikTok?

He is a TikTok personality who came to the limelight after making a song about Jack Grealish, which became viral and made him a meme material. He is only viral because of the nonsense he does in front of the camera.

@beautybeyondthe_eye Fresh air vibes #foryou #xyzbca #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ ♬ original sound - KyleAndJackieo

The trend culture nowadays is difficult to understand. The excessively useless content becomes viral as people like to make fun of that kind of content.

He goes by the username beautybeyondthe_eye on TikTok, where he has gained more than 170 thousand followers and 2.1 Million likes.

Beautybeyondthe_eye Age and Instagram

Paul Breach is assumed to be in his early forties. He is an entirely different man on Instagram. He explains himself as a professional mobile photographer in the bio section of his Instagram. 

He has clicked beautiful and spectacular photos, which seem to result from patience and hard work. He mentioned that he shoots every picture posted on that Instagram page with the help of his mobile phone.

A Photograph Of Lincoln Cathedral Captured By Paul Breach
A Photograph Of Lincoln Cathedral Captured By Paul Breach ( Source : Instagram )

He can quickly expand his resume as a professional photographer as no one can differentiate between the photographers shot by him and professional photographers. He is a native of England and has lived most of his life there. He travels to the various historic iconic and historical monuments of England and posts their pictures on his Instagram.

Paul Breach's Wikipedia and Twitter

Paul is a very controversial man. His TikTok fame has led him to open an account on Cameo.com where people can order personalized video messages after paying him a certain amount. He has received several backlashes because of his video messages and activities on the internet.

One of his service receivers complained that Paul's video message for his cousin was sexually inappropriate. He was also criticized for being abusive on Instagram live in front of his son.

Twitter had very fuming reactions regarding his activities on the internet. People are getting furious over his actions. Overall, people do not like him for his activities on the internet. However, he is an excellent photographer and can establish his career in photography.