Family: Paula Reto Parents Belinda and Tony Reto Nationality- Is She Married?

Paula Reto is a South African golfer born to parents Belinda and Tony Reto.
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Paula Reto, the LPGA golfer, was born to parents Belinda and Tony Reto from South Africa. She is a native of Cape Town and lives with her family.

South African golfer Reto is presently competing on the LPGA Tour. She is one of the up-and-coming professional golfers from Africa. The 32-year-old scored 9-under 62 to set the course record while competing in the CP Women's Open at The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club.

She received the 2013 Mary Fossum Award for the Big Ten Conference's lowest stroke average after placing third at the NCAA Championships. She was three times chosen for the First Team All-Big Ten Conference and a First-Team All-American in 2013.

Quick Facts On Paula Reto

Full Name Paula Reto
Date of Birth3 May 1990 (age 32)
Place of BirthCape Town, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
ProfessionProfessional golfer
ParentsBelinda and Tony Reto
SiblingsLluwellyn, Miguel, and Monique Reto
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Golfer Paula Reto Is Not Married Yet - Husband or Boyfriend

Paula Reto, a golfer from South Africa, is yet to get married. She never talks about her dating life or future husband, nor does she poses her boyfriend on Instagram.

Reto shares all her family functions, gatherings, and memorable moments but there are no photos implicating her dating life. So, it's fair to assume either she is single or just not comfortable sharing the relationship.

Besides her family, she is also quite close to her peers and co-workers, mostly her caddies. She has had a lot of friends and team members during her time at Purdue and on LPGA tours. 

Kev Pick caddied for Paula Reto during her tour in Colorado in 2020.
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Reto once shared a caddie and golfer moment with her best friend Kev Pick, a chef and lacrosse player for the Denver East high school. He even caddied for her in Colorado back in 2020.

Despite the speculation of romantic association, they are just pals and friends from college hanging out and helping each other.

Paula Reto is not married yet and neither is dating anyone.
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The Amazing Story Of Paula Reto Parents And Family

Paula Reto's parents, Tony and Belinda Reto have always supported her career. She was born on May 3, 1990, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Paula Reto was born to parents Tony and Belinda Reto.
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Paula is one of the four kids her parents have. Monique Reto, Llewellyn, and Miguel are her three siblings.

She participated in track and field and field hockey as a young child. When she started playing golf in 2005, she decided to turn pro immediately.

Reto played golf for the Purdue Boilermakers women's team from 2009 to 2012, where she was a part of the 2010 NCAA National Championship squad.

Where Is Tony Reto From? Paula Reto Dad Ethnicity

Tony Reto, Paula's dad, currently resides in South Africa. However, their original roots go back a distance. Their family is primarily from the northern part of Europe.

Dad Tony is her inspiration and support system. Since high school, she played golf with her father, who taught her everything she knew, from golf to life lessons.

Tony Reto, Paula's father used to take her to play golf during high school.
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So, it's just fitting how she calls herself a 'daddy's girl.' Rarely seen on her Instagram, she does post his pictures during Father's day.

Paula Reto's Mom Belinda Reto Is Her Duplicate Self

Paula Reto's mom Belinda is always there to support her daughter after tours and championships. She makes appearances on live games and is often seen during Purdue's college tournaments.

Paula Reto's mom Belinda is no shy of camera; she is in almost every family photo.
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Paula likes spending time with her mom, who is a rock in front of the camera. The Instagram photos paint the picture. Almost every family photo has Belinda in it. Good for her, she is quite a charm.

Reto Family Origin and Ethnicity Nationality

Paula Reto was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Her parents hold South African nationality, and so does she by birth.

However, the Reto surname is scattered throughout the world. Some of them are evidently found in Peru, South America. At the same time, others are primarily dispersed in and around Europe. 

The roots go back to the Rhaeto-Romanic race in Switzerland, but their name became famous once they migrated to Ireland and the northern British islands. The South African-born members of Reto's family are of Irish descent. 

There is no indication of Paula's family history whatsoever, but her grandparents once lived in Great Britain. Like many during those war days, her family migrated to South Africa. They have been living there since.

Paula Reto Has 3 Siblings

Paula is not the only child of Belinda and Tony. She has two sisters and a brother who is not as famous as Paula, but he has his own business.

Paula Reto has 3 siblings, sisters Monique and Llewellyn; brother Miguel.
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 Both sisters, Monique Reto, and Llewellyn Reto are seen in her social media pictures. Her elder sister has a family of her own, and they often gather and celebrate together.

Paula's brother has Miguel makes appearances on her Instagram.
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On the other hand, Paula also has quality time to spend with her brother Miguel. She posted on his birthday, leading the good wishes.

Unseen Paula Reto's Family Pictures

Her family appears to support her choices in life and work wholly. She usually portrays her mother, sisters, and daughter on social media. 

Here are some of the family photos she shared on Instagram.

Paula's mom was always in the stands during Purdue tounaments.
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Reto siblings are very close; Paula hangs out with her elder sister and her family.
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The Reto family has a tradition to gather after she completes her golf tours.
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Paula Reto's Net Worth And Career Earnings 2022: How Rich Is P Reto?

Paula Reto, a golfer from South Africa, has a net worth of around 1.5 million dollars. She is one of the wealthiest LPGA stars in the country.

Most of her earnings come from the LPGA tours and numerous national tournaments. Her professional golf career is her primary source of income, as she has traveled worldwide to compete in various events.

South African golfer Paula Reto has a net worth of around 1.5 million dollars.
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Besides, she is also active in endorsements and merchandise. Reto bags some money from Tv advertisements, clothing brands, and Golf clubs.

P Reto Career Earnings Through The Years

Paula was a star right from her childhood days. Before turning to golf in 2005, she played track and hockey and was a familiar face in high school tournaments.

After switching to golf, she committed to Purdue Boilermakers in the NCAA. Reto became the First-Team All-Big Ten conference from 2011 to 2013. She then became First-Team All-American after placing third in NCAA Championship in 2013. Paula was named the 'Mary Fossum Award' winner for 2013.

Reto turned profession through Q-School in 2013 after becoming the Dixie Amateur champion multiple times. 

Paula Reto was the CP Women's Open winner in 2022.
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Reto won the Dixie Amateur back-to-back in 2011 and 2012 and advanced to the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship quarterfinals in 2012. Reto was 77th on the 2014 official LPGA money list and later voted 7th in the Rookie of the year award.

She competed in the Olympics as a representative of South Africa in 2016 and placed 16th overall. She was also chosen to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. However, she withdrew because of COVID-19 protocol.

The 32-year-old recently led and won the CP Women's Open competition at The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club. Reto grabbed a $2,350,000 prize, and the tour was held from August 25 to August 28.

Some FAQs

What is Paula Reto parents' nationality?

The Reto family was born in South Africa. Both Belinda Roto and Tony Roto hold South African nationality. Their ethnic roots go all the way back to Switzerland.

Who are Paula Reto's brothers and sisters?

Paula Reto has a brother Miguel and two sisters, Llewellyn and Monique Reto. She is close to her siblings and attends family functions together.

Who are Paula Reto's parents?

Paula Reto's mother is Belinda Roto and her father is Tony Reto. She was born on May 3, 1990, in Capetown, South Africa.

Is Paula Reto married?

Paula Reto is yet to get hitched. She is most probably single and has no plans of getting married soon.