Who Is Pauline Hanna Husband Philip Polkinghorne? Auckland Surgeon's Murder Suspect Arrested After 16 Months

Pauline Hanna

Pauline Hanna's husband, Philip Polkinghorne, had an extramarital affair when she passed away. 

A 63-years-old woman, Pauline Hanna, died at her own place in Remuera's Auckland suburb. She served as an executive project director at Counties Manukau District Health Board. 

Moreover, she also played an important role in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Her death was reported to the police officer on 5 April 2021. 

After a year of investigation on her death case, the officers have finally found a lead that has brought shocking truth to the surface. 

Learn more about the woman and her case while a man gets charged with murder. 

Who Is Pauline Hanna Husband? 

Pauline Hanna, also known as Pauline Polkinghorne, was living together with her husband, Philip Polkinghorne, when she died in April 2021.  

Philip is a retired Auckland eye surgeon who was having an extramarital affair when he was together with his wife. 

After Hanna passed away, he resigned from his position, moved away from his family home worth $4 million, and started living with his sister. 

Polkinghorne then stated, "Our relationship wasn't fine, it wasn't fine at all, it was perfect."

In October 2021, a high-class Australian escort Madison Ashton co-operated with the investigating team for the inquiry. She claimed she and Philip were together for over three years in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. 

Auckland Murder Victim Pauline Hanna 

Pauline Hanna was a 63-years-old woman who became the victim of the Auckland Murder. She had contributed as an executive project director at Counties Manukau District Health Board. 

She and her husband owned a $4 million Upland Rd home. They had three adult children in their family and a sister-in-law. 

Around six weeks after the incident, firefighters arrived at the house and found "a portable gas bottle that had gone up in flames". Her case remained unsolved for a long time until the officer finally found a suspect for her murder. 

Also, the chief financial officer and joint interim CEO at Health Source, Richard Aldous, stated, "Pauline was a valued member of the HealthSource team and missed by all of us. Our condolences go out to her family at this difficult time."

Likewise, DHB stated, "Pauline held various roles within the DHB since joining in mid-1998 and was most recently seconded to lead the Auckland region's logistic supply chain work related to Covid-19."

Charges On Pauline Hanna Murder Suspect 

The police officer arrested a 69-year-old man 16 months after Pauline Hanna's death. Also, the person now faces a charge of murder and is due to appear in the Auckland District Court. 

Although the man's identity has yet to be out, many have assumed that the 69-years-old is Hanna's husband, a  retired eye surgeon, and the suspect. 

Upon the arrest, her friend stated, "I am relieved, Pauline was such a special lady whose life ended far too soon. I feel so sad, today is a huge event. My absolute thanks and admiration to the police for their ongoing work to get this far."

Where Is Family Of Victim Pauline Hanna Now?

Victim Pauline Hanna's family currently seems to be relieved and devastated to find the culprit behind her murder. 

One of her close friends stated, "Thank god... we never thought this day would happen. Hopefully, Pauline gets some justice."