What Religion Does Pete Kadens Follows? Faith And Parents Nationality Explained

Pete Kadens

Pete Kadens from 60 minutes has currently owned the heart of the public with his work. 

A Chicago millionaire Pete Kadens is a renowned businessman and a philanthropist who started five companies after retiring at age 40. He is known for owning one of the largest cannabis growers. 

He believes that he got "really lucky in life" and now thinks that it is his chance to give needy people the "same opportunities." The businessman has become the Chicago star after helping around 30,000 kids go to college. 

The TV show 60 minutes has now covered up a story about one of Chicago's most respected public figures. Learn more about the millionaire honored with several awards for his work. 

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Is Pete Kadens From 60 Minutes Religion Jewish?

A famous and well-respected figure from 60 minutes, Pete Kadens, is Jewish and follows Judaism as his religion. He came into this world in 1978 and grew up in his hometown Toledo, Ohio. 

A renowned businessman and philanthropist who captivated the hearts of thousands of individuals with his work have made it to the 60 minutes. 

He is a Chicago millionaire who has helped many students by covering their college fees, books, tuition, and more through the charity "Hope Chicago." 

Kadens mentions, "I'm a guy who got really lucky in life. I'm a guy who won a lotta lotteries: the birth lottery, the zip code lottery, the education lottery."

"And when I think about having won all those lotteries and all the people who are suffering, it's my chance to give them those same opportunities. That's who I am."

Meet Pete Kadens Parents And Know His Ethnicity

Pete Kadens was born in Ohio to his parents, who supported and motivated him to be a successful and accomplished man. He is of American nationality with White ethnicity. 

The Chicago millionaire has kept the information on his parents private for the moment. It seems like despite their popularity and being respectable figures in public, they love to live a low-profile life.

With the blessings and support of his family, he completed his study at Ottawa Hils High School and also successfully received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science. 

Although his mother and father have been living a life away from the media, it is well-known that they must have been proud of their son, who has become one of the most honored public figures in Chicago. 

Who Is Pete Kadens Wife?

Pete Kadens is married to his long-term wife, Amy Robbins Kadens, who helps and supports him in his charitable events. 

The couple's family completes with their three children, who are still young and might have been pursuing their schooling. Pete and Amy are famous for being one of the most powerful pairs. 

Together, they established the Michael and Judith Kadens Scholarship in honor of his parents. She has not only been a supportive partner in his life but also contributed to many charity events.