Who Is Peter Malnati Wife Alicia Malnati? Golfer Beautiful Family Details

Peter Malnati with his wife Alicia Malnati during his PTA Tour

"Congratulations to Alicia Malnati on her 100-86 victory!" American pro golfer Peter Malnati captions her post in July 2016, when he went bowling with her beautiful wife at the Greenbrier Bowling Alley.

Peter Malnati is a professional golf player from the United States. So far, he has won one tournament on the PGA Tour, and that was in 2015. Peter succeeded in the Sanderson Farms Championship. He formerly competed on the Web.com Tour, also known as the Korn Ferry Tour, which he won twice.

Other than some amateur cup victory, Peter has not impacted golf significantly. Although he began his career in 2009, after nearly 13 years, he still has no significant trophy in his trophy cabinet.  

Who Is Peter Malnati's Wife Alicia Malnati? Relationship and Children

The golfer Peter Malnati is married to Alicia Malnati. They exchanged vows and went down the aisle in 2013 to become husband and wife.

Even though it is difficult to establish how long they were dating before marriage, they likely met a few years ago. And it's expected that they had a few dates before they got together.

Peter Malnati and his wife Alicia playing bowling
Peter Malnati and his wife Alicia playing bowling( Source : Instagram )

His wife Alicia revealed in an interview with PGATOUR.COM that she met Peter in 2008 when they were in their senior years at the University of Missouri. She was on the gymnastics team, and they bumped into each other for some time before Alicia started hitting on him. However, she did not mention when did they begin dating.

Professionally, she is a writer, clearly said on her Instagram bio. Alicia contributes a monthly post to "Together, Anything's Possible," in which she reveals the philanthropic spirit of the PGA TOUR from the perspective of a TOUR wife.

She earned a bachelor's in journalism, a master's in educational leadership and policy analysis, and a doctorate in academic, school, and counseling psychology from the University of Missouri.

Moreover, Alicia has been into lots of different things lately. She is a program coordinator and researcher with the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society. She is also supporting the creation of a "Global Sports Mentoring Program" intending to empower women worldwide in collaboration with ESPN and American female CEOs.

After six years after their wedding, the couple added a new limb to their lineage. They welcomed a son, Hatcher Malnati, into the world in 2019.

Peter Malnati and Alicia with their son
Peter Malnati and Alicia with their son( Source : Pimiso )

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Alicia Malnati On Instagram

Alicia Malnati is a writer and a scholar. She is also a Ph.D. holder. "Alicia H. Malnati, Ph.D. | Science of success + well-being", the first line of her Instagram bio, depicts who she is.

But unlike other celebrities on Instagram, she barely posts random pictures of them going out or hanging out with friends. Most of her uploads are informative and serve a purpose. They are mostly related to business and personal growth.

Like the one Alicia posted on July 27 about "Growth Mindset," where she explains different ways to cultivate a growth mindset. Along with the video, she also writes a long article about the topic in detail, which is handy for people willing to go into depth.

Peter Malnati's Net Worth in 2022

He made a good living playing golf. According to Rich Athletes, Peter reportedly possesses a net worth of $4 million. He made his riches by taking part in tours and winning prizes.

From an income standpoint, 2021 went fantastic for him. He earned $1.4 million from 30 tournaments. He has participated in 185 games, bringing him a total of $5.2 million as of 2021.

Tournaments Earning:

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
$271,326 $1.2 million $358,541 $864,496 $561,273 $1.4 million

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