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Peyton Smith: 5 Facts To Know About Jr Smith Daughter

JR Smith with his two daughters Demi and Peyton Smith
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Former American basketball professional player JR Smith used to play for New Orleans Hornets and Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

After being picked by the New Orleans Hornets with the eighteenth top choice in the preliminary round of the 2004 NBA draft, he penetrated the league straight out of high school. During his high school, Smith was entitled to Saint Benedict's Preparatory School basketball team in New Jersey.

Diving into his personal life, JR Smith has three children, all daughters out of his two relationships. He has three daughters from his marriage with Jewel Harris and one from his previous partner. Peyton Smith is one of JR and Jewel's three daughters.

Some Quick Facts On JR Smith

Full NameEarl Joseph "J. R." Smith III[
BornSeptember 9, 1985
Height6'6" (1.98 m)
ProfessionRetired Basketball Professional Player
HometownNew Jersey

Peyton Smith with father JR, mother Jewel and sisters Demi and Dakota
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How Old Is Peyton Smith? JR Smith Eldest Daughter Age in 2022

Peyton Smith was born Peyton Rose Smith on April 20, 2009, in the United States. Her age is 13 years as of 2022.

Some media sources claim she is the oldest of Smith's three daughters, but Heavy denies it. According to the page, JR Smith and Jewel's first daughter is Demi Smith, born two months prior to Peyton on February 9, 2009. She is also eight years old.

Jewel Smith praised her daughter on Instagram on the occasion of Demi's eighth birthday celebration. It is said that for his marriage proposal to Jewel Smith, J.R. Smith sought the aid of his daughter Demi. The couple was only wedded in August 2016.

JR Smith, aged 36, and her wife Jewel welcomed their third and youngest daughter on January 7, 2017. Her name is Dakota Smith. But unlike Jewel's previous two births, giving birth to Dakota was pretty complicated. 

In the video below, Jewel reveals that she and JR's daughter, Dakota, was born five months premature. Jewel gave birth to Dakota on January 3, 2017. She currently weighs one pound. A study says that the average newborn weighs 7.5 pounds. The normal range is 5.5 to 10 pounds.

Dakota was born five months prematurely, according to Jewel and JR. She was only a weighing pound at her birth. It takes 7.5 pounds to raise a baby. 5.5 to 10 pounds is considered the usual range.

The Smith family having their meal
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Who Is Peyton Smith? 5 Facts To Know About Jr Smith Daughter

  1. Peyton Smith's full birth name is Peyton Rose Smith. She was born second on the list of three daughters JR Smith had with her wife, Jewel Harris. She is 13 years old and celebrates her birthday on April 9 every year. JR calls her by the nickname "PeyPey."

  2. Baby Smith has two siblings-sisters. The elder one is Demi Smith, born just a few months ahead of her, and her younger sister Dakota Smith was born on January 7, 2017. Dakota, born five months prematurely, is now five years old.

  3. J.R. Smith, a retired NBA player, talked openly about his first encounter with his daughter Peyton's stepfather. Jewel was living with another man before she was married to JR in 2016. On Peyton's sixth birthday, the former New York Knicks player joined the party at his daughter's Step Father's house. He wrote an advice post on his Instagram, "I just wanted to let men know if your child or kids are living with another man, MEET HIM FIRST before you act up 'cause this dude is a class act!"

  4. Peyton Smith's parents JR and Jewel, were married seven years after her birth in August 2016. The pair had previously dated but reconciled in 2015; by the time their wedding hit, they were already parents to two kids. Petyon and Demi.

  5. Her sister Demi helped her father, JR, with the marriage proposal to Jewel. The former athlete reached out for help to Demi, who innocently enabled him to give the courage so that he could ask Jewel to marry him. In a video that Smith uploaded to Instagram, Demi is heard asking Jewel, "Mommy, will you marry us?" as she gives her the engagement ring.
    JR Smith with his two daughters Peyton and Demi Smith
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