Who Is Philipp Schindler From Google? Career As A Business Officer

Philip Schindler is Google's Chief Business Officer.

Philipp Schindler is a member of Google's board of directors and serves as the company's Chief Business Officer (CBO). He is German.

The Schindler Group is responsible for the employment of 14,000 people located in 80 different countries. His predecessor was Nikesh Arora, Google's third Chief Business Officer in the company's history. Additionally, Schindler was a co-founder of the technology investment company known as June Fund.

Who is Philipp Schindler?

Born in Germany, Philipp Schindler is one of the biggest names in Google. 

A board member and manager, Schindler is responsible for managing over 14,000 employees across 80 nations. After completing high school, Philipp attended the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel to pursue a degree in business administration.

At age 26, he enrolled in the trainee program offered by Bertelsmann. After that, he worked at AOL, eventually becoming the head of marketing. He was essential to the decision to rebrand the Hamburg Volksparkstadion as the AOL Arena.

After moving to Google in 2005, he quickly rose through the ranks to become head of Germany, then head of Europe, and eventually vice president of global sales and operations. Since 2012, Schindler and his family have been based in the United States. Schindler's family consists of his wife and three children.

Philipp Schindler Wife And Family

Philipp Schindler says that his family is the most important to him. 

Philipp is married and has three wonderful children with his wife. Schindler always tries to maintain a balance between his work and his personal life. Schindler says that technology has helped him maintain this balance.

Philipp believes he can easily remain connected to work without being physically present. However, he also says that there is a downside. Technology also takes you away when you need to be more present.

Philipp partakes in activities that help him find his balance. Kite foilboarding, backcountry skiing, and trail jogging are examples of activities that provide him with intense interactions with nature.


In addition, Philipp finds that practicing meditation, helping others, and, most importantly, being present with his family help him maintain his energy levels.

He says you need to give your full attention to the task at hand to be successful and avoid harm when you're soaring through the air on a foil board or skiing down steep backcountry slopes. This makes it quite simple to maintain his concentration.

However, Philipp also says it is of equal significance to make a firm commitment to being present while hanging out with one's children or friends or when one meditates. Giving everything you've got to whatever helps you maintain your equilibrium is essential.

Philipp advises to figure out what it is that makes you feel balanced. Don't try to keep it a secret; be upfront and honest with your family, boss, and coworkers at work. Put forth every effort you can think of to preserve those options.

Philipp Schindler reflects on that particular moment on the playground. He now sees no use in scheduling time for his family if he wasn't truly there during those moments. So he devised a new, easy rule, and Schindler communicated it to his children as soon as possible. The rule was that he was not allowed to be on his phone whenever they were present.

This balance is probably the reason for Philipp's happy family life.

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Philipp Schindler's Net Worth

According to a new regulatory filing, Google's Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler earned more than $66.38 million in total compensation in 2019, including his salary, stock awards, and other perks.

This places him atop the list of the technology giant's executive officers with the highest overall compensation offerings.

According to a proxy statement that Schindler's parent company, Alphabet, filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Schindler received a salary of $655,000, stock awards with a value of $65.5 million, and additional compensation totaling $226,816.


Among the additional compensation, Schindler was paid $215,660 for the company's personal use of aircraft chartered. The stock awards totaled $65.5 million.

As a senior vice president, Schindler oversees the worldwide and regional sales efforts for Google and YouTube, the global technology and consumer support and operations, and the partnership and business development teams across key product categories.