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Pooyan Mokhtari
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Pooyan Mokhtari is a singer as well as an Instagram star. He is able to get fame, admiration, and recognition for his talent and work as he is very passionate about his work. Pooyan is still trying very hard to improve his skills so he would get international recognition.

Name Pooyan Mokhtari
Birthday 1991/1992
Gender Male
Nationality Iranian
Ethnicity Iranian
Profession Singer
Net Worth ($1 Million – $2 Million )
Instagram @pooyanmokhtari
Youtube Pooyan Mokhtari

People are also very fascinated by his lifestyle which he shares via Instagram which seems very luxurious. Many people aspire to live the life he has which seems pretty interesting and fun. Pooyan has also become a role model for many young generations people as everybody wants to be in his shoes.

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هیچوقت از "خود"ِ گذشته ات بدت نیاید. خودِ قبلیِ ات, هم حق دارد; که بد بوده باشد یا سکوت کرده باشد کودن و تنبل بوده باشد حتی اگر یک خون مردگیِ وسیع روی پوسته قدیمی ات درست کرده باشد! تو باید او را ببخشی چون اگر نبود،خودِ فعلیِ تو نمیتوانست هرگز زندگی کند. از خودِ گذشته ات تشکر کن که باعث اصلاح تو شده.. به نظر من تُوی گذشته, از توی فعلی حق آب و گِل بیشتری به گردنت دارد. همه ی زحمت ها را او کشیده و تو را بزرگ کرده. بین گذشته و حالَت فرق نگذار. اورا هم به پارک و خرید ببر. برایش بستنی قیفی بخر . گذشته ات را هم در آینه ببوس و بگو چقدر دوستش داری…

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10 Facts about Pooyan Mokhtari

  1. Pooyan Mokhtari who was born in Iran around 1991/1992 holds Iranian nationality and ethnicity.
  2.  His exact date of birth has not been known. However, he seems to be in his late twenties and Pooyan’s height, as well as weight, remains a mystery to date.
  3. Ever since a young age, Pooyan was always attracted to music and singing and as he grew up  people started noticing him for his work on what he was always attracted to.
  4.  In the present day, he resides in Turkey and is all ready to release his new songs.
  5. Along with his music and song, his music videos are also very loved by people as he always has a new concept for his videos and it is said that his videos are very highly invested.
  6. Pooyan his own youtube channel through which he releases his songs and music which is loved by many peoples.
  7. Pooyan’s youtube channel contains all of his music videos to date and he has more than 25.6 thousand subscribers.
  8.  Pooyan is very active in social sites as he is an Instagram star having a massive amount of fan following. 
  9. Though he doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile he has a verified Instagram account with more than 2.5 million followers.
  10. Pooyan’s net worth is expected to be $1million – $2 million.