PP TikTok Im Gonna Be A Star Song Origin and Lyrics Explained

TWICE for their FIRST English single 'The Feels' ( Source : Timesofindia )

For a time now, I’m gonna be a star by TWICE has been a popular song on TikTok.

TWICE is a great artist to keep an eye on because of its many singles and high fan involvement. The majority of teenagers are aware of TWICE, and they are constantly interested in what they will release next.

Numerous TikTok users have shared the song's catchy dance on their accounts, turning it into a trend. I'm gonna be a star is one of the most used songs on TikTok with over 122.4k videos.

TikTok I'm Gonna Be A Star Song Origin

TWICE is a South Korean female group that released the song "I'm Gonna Be a Star."

It is safe to say that "I'm going to be a star" is TWICE's most complicated song, not just in terms of vocal skill and stage presence, but also in terms of the deeper philosophical meaning presented in the carefully selected lyrics.

First look of
First look of "TWICE" for song "I'm gonna be a star" ( Source : Thebiaslist )

The song "I'm Gonna Be a Star" was initially used as the theme song for the JYP Entertainment and Mnet survival program Sixteen, where Twice's members were chosen before they made their official JYP Entertainment debut in October 20, 2015.

The song "I'm Gonna Be a Star" was only made available in the physical version, which came in two colors: pink and mint, in contrast to the other six songs that were published for both the digital and physical versions.

Lyrics like "all the oppadeul and unnies" and "yes am going to be a star i-I'm going to be a star" can be regarded as exceeding the boundaries of modern human speech. Even more than Marianas Trench, the complexity in these few phrases adds depth to the song's meaning.

I'm Gonna Be A Star Song Lyrics Explained

J. Y. Park "The Asiansoul," who founded JYP Entertainment and is also the producer of many songs by artists connected with the company, collaborated with Olltii to write the lyrics for "I'm Gonna Be a Star."

We may understand the true significance of "I'm going to be a star," which is further described;

In the first verse: 

Everyone is looking at them intently which feels like a beautiful woman. Everything seemed to have gathered in the sky lounge. However, right now, stars, see them shine.

Giant spotlight high above, waving hands in the air and extremely anxious when there were no waves and they are rising steadily.

Likewise in the second verse: 

But it's too old to act childish. Among all the high heels, not even. They are one of many, beeping like a chick, but they going to soar upward like an eagle.

Make the aforementioned a beat and sweet 16s are the addiction with no exit which merely serves as an illustration. They're climbing. Now, we can hear the applause in our ears.

Similarly in the last verse:

Lighting up the stage been waiting impatiently for cool chicks. Now that they are in front, and are ascending. People are like Wi-Fi everywhere which occurs a global explosion occurs within the team. But one day they gonna be a successful person that shines like a star.

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I'm Gonna Be A Star challenge and videos

Once, many of the audio versions of this song were uploaded to YouTube channels by Twice's fans.

@nxdxjnk (ctto) she’s coming!! #imgonnabeastar #nayeonsoloiscoming ♬ POP! - NAYEON

JYPETWICEVEVO is one of the channels that posted an audio version of "I'm Gonna Be a Star," and the song has received 2,243 likes in addition to 50,859 views.

Furthermore, no challenges are done regarding the song.