Rajshree Patel

Rajshree Patel

Rajshree Patel is an Indian woman who has stood against society and their bad customs. Rajshree coming from a city named Gujrat is working on a mission to remove all bad aspects of our society.

Quick Facts:
Name Rajshree Patel
Birthday N/A
Gender Female
Height N/A
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Asian
Profession Motivational Speaker
Parents N/A
Married/Single N/A
Instagram @byrajshree
Twitter @Rajshree_patel
Youtube @Rajshree_patel

Rajshree Patel was a very conscious kid since her childhood. She shared an incident in which her mother’s sister (Maasi) was meeting a guy and his family for marriage. The groom’s side demanded dowry at the age of 14 years she stood against the ritual. However, her uncle dragged her out and scolded at her for her rebellion.

10 Facts About Rajshree Patel

  1. Rajshree Patel is an Indian motivational speaker. Originally, She was born and raised in Uganda.
  2. She was only 5 years old when her family was kicked out of Uganda due to the acts committed by her father.
  3. Rajshree’s family shifted two India and lived in a small village of Gujrat with her grandmother.
  4. As she grew up, her parents shifted to the USA with his brother. Rajshree was left to her grandmother for some reason.
  5. Rajshree went to the USA after graduation. She studied to become a lawyer. However, she wanted to become a doctor.
  6. Moving on, She published a book named ‘The Power Of The Vital Force’. The Book is based on minimizing human stress and anxieties.
  7. Rajshree Patel’s relationship status is still unanswered. Rajshree is more focused on her career for now. Also, she loves to travel around the globe and enlighten others. 
  8. Rajshree was in the search of enlightenment. She used hangout in a meditating area named Bodhi Tree.
  9. Rajshree met Guruji nearby the bodhi tree. They had a long conversation on her curiosities and decided to follow the guidelines of guruji.
  10. Lastly, She is a motivational speaker now. She owns her own youtube channel. Also, she is very active in her Instagram handle.

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