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Randy Ambrosie CFL Commissioner Salary Breakdown 2022

Randy Ambrosie is the current (14th) commissioner of the Canadian Football League.
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The Canadian Football League Commissioner Randy Ambrosie receives over $1 million in salary. He began serving as CFL's commissioner in 2017.

Randy is a former athlete who played nine-season in CFL as an offensive guard after getting picked by the Stampeders in the 1985 CFL Draft (second overall).

Throughout his career, he played 142 professional games for Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts, and Edmonton Eskimos. Furthermore, Ambrosie became a Grey Cup champion before retiring due to his persistent knee injuries and underwent four serious knee surgeries by 1993.

After ending his professional football career, he joined the Canadian Football League Players' Association as its secretary and became HSBC Securities' head of sales. Likewise, the CFL Commissioner also worked at AGF Management Ltd. before becoming the CEO of Accretive 360 Inc. and MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier. 

Randy Ambrosie Salary: How Much Does The CFL Commissioner Earn?

Randy Ambrosie receives $750,000 annually, and after adding bonus incentives, his average earnings reach approximately $1 million per 3downnation.

However, according to Forbes, the National Football League's commissioner Roger Goodell earns $63.9 million yearly. Forbes also regarded Roger as the highest-paid executive across all industries.

The CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie stood in-between Royal Canadian Air Force police officers at McMahon Stadium during the 2019 Grey Cup.
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Furthermore, Adam Silver and Gary Bettman, who serves as the Commissioners of the National Basketball Association Commissioner and National Hockey League, respectively, earn $10 million a year.

Moreover, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred receives $11 million annually. Thus, the Canadian Football League Commissioner's paycheck could be more than a million dollars. But since he has kept those details confidential, his income has remained a mystery to the public.

Randy Ambrosie Net Worth And Lifestyle In 2022

Ambrosie's net worth is over a million dollars, and he lives a comfortable lifestyle with his family. He and his wife, Barb, have been married for over 30 years and have grown-up three daughters.

The Canadian Football League Commissioner has balanced his life well. He became CFL's 14th commissioner in 2017, succeeding Jeffrey Orridge, and he traveled across Canada for nearly a month to visit and talk with football fans. 

Randy Ambrosie in Ottawa, Ontario, with his wife Barb and daughter Sam.
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Furthermore, Randy rides the official vehicle of the CFL, the Nissan Titan, and when he is free from his work, he spends time with his family and close friends. The former athlete once posted about hanging out with new friends and ice fishing in Saskatchewan. Moreover, he also has a pet and often shares his dog's photos on his social networking sites.

Randy Ambrosie Has Done Salary And Contract Negotiations Throughout The Years

Randy, who joined CFL as its commissioner in 2017, has done salary and contract negotiations over the years. He took a 20 percent pay cut in the 2020 lockdown and implemented the same for the football operations cap of all nine CFL teams.

Likewise, he recently shared a letter with CFL fans and players on the 14th of May 2022 with a budget plan providing certainty and stability with a 7-year-term. The commissioner made a win-win offer while building a solid partnership with the talented, hard-working, and community-minded CFL players.

The details of the CFL’s offer shared by Randy Ambrosie on the official CFL website.
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Ambrosie shared the total guaranteed increase of $18.9 million to the salary cap league-wide, the minimum salary would increment to $70,000 in 2023 and $75,000 in 2027, and the roster changes would kick in as of 2023.

The improved roster also celebrates the veteran American players and has allowed one American player (non-quarterback) to be considered a Nationalized American. However, the American player must have an experience in the league for at least four years or have played with the same team for at least three years. Similarly, many other changes have been made since the CFL family went through so much during the pandemic.