Who Is Raphael Rogoff? Cherie Gil Son and Family Life In A Picture

Raphael Rogoff ( Source : Pixelatedplanet )

Raphael Rogoff is the son of Rony Rogoff and his ex-wife, Cherie Gil. Raph is a more youthful counterpart of his famous musician father, Rony.

In July 2016, he received his diploma from Scarsdale Senior High School in New York. At New York University, he majored in Global Liberal Studies, focusing on ethics, politics, and religion.

His mom recently passed away while fighting cancer, but unfortunately, she lost it and left her family behind.  

Who Is Cherie Gil's Son Raphael Rogoff?

As we have already mentioned, Raphael Rogoff is the son of Cherie Gil and Rony Rogoff celebrities.

When Raph graduated from New York University, that was one of his finest moments (NYU). He said that four lovely years had come to an end. He gained more knowledge about himself and the world around him.

Raphael Rogoff
Raphael Rogoff ( Source : Instagram )

He has visited many nations, performed odd jobs and internships, and formed lifelong friendships. He was pleased to graduate from NYU with his contacts, knowledge, and relationship. He continued by saying that his college experience exceeded his expectations.

Raphael Rogoff's Age: How Old Is He?

The exact age of Raphael Rogoff is not revealed yet. However, he seems to be in his late twenties right now.

We had no idea when he was born, but looking at his appearance, we assume he might have been born around the late 1900s. Neither his birthdate nor his zodiac sign is revealed.

It seems like he is not yet ready to share those details with the public. We will get back with more details about this topic as soon as possible. 

Learn about Raphael Rogoff's Girlfriend

Raphael Rogoff has a beautiful girlfriend who goes by the name Solveig Martin on Instagram.

He appears to like traveling with his special someone. The couple shares various pictures of traveling to different places. Per their Instagram posts, we assume they have been together for almost 3 years.

Raphael Rogoff with His Girlfriend
Raphael Rogoff with His Girlfriend ( Source : Instagram )

However, they have not revealed anything about getting married soon. They might want to build up careers before that so we might have to wait for some time to see them start their own family. 

More Details On Raphael Rogoff's Net Worth

We have no idea about the details regarding Raphael Rogoff's net worth. 

He has revealed that he has worked in different places, so he might have made some money. Well, he is also an heir of a famous personality, so he might have wealth in millions. 

On the other hand, his mom had a net worth of millions as she was an accomplished actress.