Reginald Arthurell Wikipedia: How Old Is Reginald Arthurell?

Reginald Arthurell Wikipedia: How Old Is Reginald Arthurell?

Reginald Arthurell is an American infamous serial killer. After being released from prison, Reginald Arthurell shocked many to lead a new life as a woman named Regina. Learn More About Reginald, His Age, And Wikipedia In Details Below.

Lately, Reginald has been on the radar of the media. Besides, NSW police also have their eye on him. 

Reginald Arthurell was jailed for the murder charges of three innocent people. He was granted parole after spending 23 years locked up behind the bars.

Reginald, previously being used to interviewed by officers, has now caught the attention of the media in the explanation of his action. Many people online are curious, unclear of Arthurell’s decision to come out as Regina. Even though Arthurell’s effort to change his identity is still under investigation, he will still have to wear a tracking anklet and possibly be restricted in changing further appearance.

Quick Facts:
Name Reginald ‘Tex’ Arthurell
Age 74
Gender Male
Nationality Australian

Reginald Arthurell Wikipedia

Reginald Arthurell’s profile is not yet published on Wikipedia.

With the recent popularity he has been achieving, who knows if he might get one soon. Nonetheless, the notorious serial killer has managed himself enough to get published in most online media by now. 

How Old Is Reginald Arthurell?

Reginald Arthurell is 74 years old in 2021.

His details including his actual birthdate have been concealed.

Reginald Arthurell’s Crime And His Victims

Reginald Arthurell served only 23 years of a 24-year sentence for the murder of his 54year old fiancee Venet Mulhall with a piece of wood in 1995 while on parole.
In 1997, the notorious cross-dressing serial killer was found guilty of the murder of Ms. Mulhall. As the case unfolded, Ms. Mulhall had allowed Arthurell to live in her house in Coonabarabran after she assisted him with his parole for two other slaughter.
In Sydney in 1974, Arthurell was beforehand jailed behind the bars for the murder of his 49-year old stepfather Thomas Thornton and a naval officer Ross Browning in the Northern Territory in 1981.
Currently, Arthurell lives in Sydney, Australia. But he is constantly being tracked and required to participate in several psychological programs and restrain from alcohol in addition to 11 other parole conditions.

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