Who Is Rich Ting From Partner Track? Age Height & Instagram

Asian-American actor Rich Ting Celebrating National Dog Day on August 27
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An Asian-American actor, Rich Ting might not be a new face in Hollywood but definitely for some moviegoers despite his long acting career.

Ting is a genuinely skilled actor who has acted in several movies that many might not be familiar with, in addition to being wickedly attractive and charming. He became famous in more recent years after some of her groundbreaking performances. 

He is most recognized for his roles as Captain Iijima in The Man in the High Castle and Bolo in the HBO Max crime drama TV series Warrior. Besides, Rich had movie appearances in Salt, Real, No Tears for the Dead, and Lone Survivor.

Facts On Rich Ting From Partner Track, Actor's Wikipedia Details

Despite the rise in popularity and stardom, kudos to his incredible acting skills and the range of roles he can blend in, Rich Ting is yet to be featured on Wikipedia pages.

Ting is a US-born actor. His new Netflix comedy, Fishbowl, which debuted on February 14th, marks his television debut. Because of his perseverance and work ethic, he was cast in Salt with Angelina Jolie and the famous movie Lone Survivor, where he co-starred with Mark Wahlberg.

When Ting was recruited for the television series Beyond the Break, it was his first significant break. He started appearing as a guest star on popular television programs, including Chicago P.D., Supergirl, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

In the acquired martial arts crime drama Warrior on HBO Max, which is based on the ideas and actions of Bruce Lee, Ting was cast as the well-known figure "Bolo" in 2018. Additionally, he co-stars with Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch in the Paramount Network television series Waco.

Furthermore, Ting made his animation breakthrough as "Habu Joji," the main protagonist in the recently premiered Japanese anime film "The Summit of the Gods" on Netflix.

How Old Is Rich Ting? Age And Height Revealed

The Man in the High Castle star Rich Ting is coy about his age. As a result, he avoided revealing his age to the public and the media. But based on his look and appearance, it is calculated that Ting is in his mid-thirties, somewhere between 30 to 35 years.

According to Celeb Heights, the American-Asian actor is around 5-feet-11 inches tall. However, in an Instagram post, he described his weight as 185 lbs and claimed to be 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Rich is among the tallest actors in the Partner Track cast, regardless of height, exactly like Rob Heaps.

He stands toe to toe with actor Tu Burell, who is the same height as him. The Los Angeles homegrown. Ting, who loved sports growing up, played collegiate football at Yale University while receiving a B.A. He later went on to receive a joint J.D./M.B.A. degree.

Soon after accomplishing his academic objectives, he concluded that he wanted to change professions to follow his passion for the entertainment business, especially acting.

Rich Ting height is 6 feet and 1 inch
Source : instagram

Rich Ting Instagram Photos, Followers and Posts

Rich Ting Instagram is vibrant, awash with images and videos of his life, career, and journey. At the time of writing, his Instagram account has 111K followers with more than two thousand posts. 

Unlike others, he has nothing written on his bio except one word that defines him and his profession, "Actor." Not a single day goes by without him uploading on his Instagram.

His last and most recent post was uploaded a few hours ago, a picture of him from the set of the Netflix series Partner Track. "Woke up to Partner Track trending at #5 on Netflix! Stream it now."

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What is Rich Ting Ethnicity?

Being of mixed racial heritage, Rich Ting was born in Los Angeles, the United States, to a Chinese father and a Japanese mother as a 4th generation Asian American.

A multilingual guy proficient in Mandarin and Japanese is known as an actor. In addition, he speaks Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish flawlessly. While making his movie, he picked up the latter two.

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