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Richarlison Parents Antonio Carlos Andrade And Vera Lucia Divorced When He Was Seven

Richarlison Parents were very supportive of his decision to play football
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Richarlison was born to his parents, Antonio Carlos Andrade and Vera Lucia. Richarlison was seven when they divorced.

He grew up in a lower-middle-class home and had to work multiple jobs to support his family. Today, he is one of the most crucial players in football.

Richarlison never gave up on his dream of being a professional football player and credits his family for their love and support, especially his father, who made significant sacrifices for his aspirations.

To support his family, Richarlison rolled up his sleeves and started selling ice cream on the streets of Nova Venecia since he was the oldest child among four siblings. He has two younger brothers and two sisters.

His life story is remarkable, and it is commendable to see how he overcame all his challenges.

Richarlison Parents Divorced When He Was Seven

Richarlison was raised in Brazil by parents Antonio Carlos Andrade and Vera Lucia. They separated when he was seven.

After his parents divorced, he chose to live with his father, a bricklayer, as he wanted to be a professional football player. He knew his mother would not take him to games.

Richarlison, the oldest son, occasionally worked two jobs to pay the bills in order to support his family.

He nearly gave up football due to the hardship he had following his parent's divorce. At seven, he had to choose who he wanted to live with, and shed many tears during that time. All his siblings lived with their mother while he chose to stay with his father.

His parents divorced when he was seven years old
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Richarlison's father bought him ten balls when he was seven years old because he wanted him to be an excellent football player. He enjoyed playing with his pals and having fun on the street.

The hope of relocating his parents from a place plagued by the drug trade was the driving force behind pursuing a professional football career.

Right now, Richarlison is actively involved in several philanthropic projects in his own country because he values giving back and understands what it's like to be struggling financially.

Richarlison Father Antônio Carlos Andrade Was A Bricklayer

Richarlison lived with his father, Antônio Carlos Andrade, for three years. His father was a bricklayer.

While he and his dad lived together, Richarlison helped harvest coffee beans on his grandfather's farm and made lengthy trips every weekend to play matches.

He and his father would play and watch football. They were bonded by their love for the sport. Football was also the reason Richarlison had chosen to live with his father rather than his mum.

Richarlison dad supported his son football career even during poverty.
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By age seven, Antonio had received advice to support his son because he had a specific talent. In response, he sent him to live with an aunt in Nova Venecia and bought ten footballs.

When he lived with his aunt, he sold chocolates.

Staff at the Tito dos Santos Neves school in the tough neighborhood of Rubia describe a well-mannered, football-mad boy with dyed yellow hair like his idol Neymar, despite Antonio's admission that his son was not the most intellectual of kids.

Richarlison has honored his father for the sacrifices and contributions he made even while working as a bricklayer after scoring twice in Tottenham's Champions League opener against Marseille.

Richarlison Mother Was A Cleaner

Richarlison and his mother, Vera Lucia, lived separately for three years. His mother was a cleaner who had a very difficult time paying up the bills.

He is one of five kids of his mother. 

When his parents divorced, he was on the moving truck with his mother. He contemplated his future with his mum as he sat in the midst of all their furniture, beds, and wardrobes. With tears in his eyes, he waved goodbye to his four siblings and his mother as he chose to live with his father at the last minute.

He later moved back with his mother after his father moved out of town for a job. While at his mom's place, he sold ice cream on the streets of Nova Venecia. He pocketed 20p per ice cream.

Richarlison mother was a cleaner and had a very difficult time due to poverty
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Even though he never shared a home with his mother, he always wanted to bring her happiness. When he was successful in his football career, he returned the favor to his mother, and the two of them are now living together.