The world today we live in is progress-driven. Our society ought to become successful. And by successful, we mean professionally thriving with comparatively more money.

One ought to recognize themselves when they made it to mainstream media and other alt ones too, whilst in corners of the world their names are spoken and are a conversation starter.

In this patriarchal and career feminist society, few females have broken out from the chains. Their liberation has come out as a success, ridiculously being one of the richest at this very young age.

It is a goal few achieve. Many label them as the idols and celebrities of the global world.  

24 years old - Zhang Zetian, $8.2 Billion

Zhang Zetian was named China’s youngest women billionaire in May 2017 at age 24! This beautiful Chinese woman is an entrepreneur and investor.

Zhang Zetian, also popular as ‘Nancy’, gained initial recognition from the popularity of a picture of her holding a cup of tea surfaced internet, and was later nicknamed ‘Sister Milk Tea’.

And back in 2015, she married Chinese internet entrepreneur Liu Qiangdong, the founder, and CEO of e-commerce giant, Since Zhang has been actively advertising’s portfolio as well as its public welfare projects.

Additionally, as a part of her husband’s family fund portfolio, she has also invested in a number of companies in China, including Uber.

It’s not every day that we see a 24-year-old women billionaire! Unlike Zhang Zetian who was listed in Top 500 richest list by Chinese New Fortune magazine along with her husband, making her the youngest women billionaire in the country.

With a net worth estimated at US$10.1 billion, her husband, Liu Qiangdong was also listed #16 on Forbes’ China Top 500 richest list.