How Old Is CrossFit Games Athlete Ricky Garard? Performance Details Of The Athlete At The Tournament

Ricky Garard
Ricky Garard

Ricky Garard is a bodybuilder and social media celebrity who is well-known for sharing fitness-related material with his over 127,000 Instagram followers.

Early on, he developed a love for rugby and continued as a weightlifter and bodybuilder. Kara Webb and Tia-Clair Toomey are two other Crossfit competitors that take part in competitions in Australia.

CrossFit Athlete: Ricky Garard Wikipedia

Ricky Garard doesn't have an official Wikipedia listing to date. However, in Australia, Garard is one of the best CrossFit competitors.

At the 2017 CrossFit Games, his highest finish was third. However, he would ultimately lose his podium spot after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances.

Competitor Ricky Garard Tests Positive for Steroids
Competitor Ricky Garard Tests Positive for Steroids( Source : mensjournal )

As a result of this CrossFit failed drug test, he was prohibited from competing till 2021. In addition, this performance-enhancing substance was detected for the first time in a top CrossFit competitor.

Most significantly, his usage did not seem in any way unintentional. But, of course, this issue is prevalent in many sports and is not exclusive to CrossFit Inc.

Ricky Garard Age In 2022

He was born and reared in Australia's New South Wales. He frequently uploads photos of himself and his girlfriend Melissa working out on Instagram.

He received much attention when he finished third in the 2017 CrossFit Games. He would eventually, nevertheless, drop out after testing positive for drugs.

At the highest levels of competition in this sport, a CrossFit competitor failed a drug test for the first time.

Insights On Ricky Garard Performance Stats

In 2016, he placed 97th, which was his highest result at the CrossFit Open. In Australia, he finished fifth in the same year.

He finished on the podium in the 2017 CrossFit Games; however, his title would ultimately be removed due to prohibited drug usage. He joins players like Trevor Bachmeyer, suspended for various reasons.

In the individual men's open division of the 2017 CrossFit Games, Australian Ricky Garard finished third. But after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances after the competition, he lost his championship and had to return the winnings.

Ricky Garard Stretching Image
Ricky Garard Stretching Image( Source : fitnessvolt )

Patrick Vellner consequently climbed the podium to get his medal and reward money. Unfortunately, in addition to dropping to third place, he also forfeited the $76,000 prize money and received a 2021 CrossFit competition ban.

Most athletes fail drug tests because they are unaware of the components in a particular supplement. Or, like in the case of Ryan Elrod, they were abusing fertility medications or ignorant of hormone replacement treatment laws.

Who Is Ricky Garard Dating Now? Family Details

Ricky Garard seems to be single now as he hasn't been linked to anyone yet. His social media profile also doesn't reveal any details about his lover's life.

The athlete has also managed to keep his family members' information private. However, his social media accounts contain his portraits and workout images.

Additionally, he is renowned for providing online tutoring via the Benton training course. He participates in several events as a Crossfit Games athlete.