What Happened To Rina Palenkova? Suicide And Deadly Blue Whale Challenge Trend Explained

Rina Palenkova committed suicide in November 2015

Rina Palenkova, a 17 years old Russian girl, committed suicide in 2015 by train decapitation. Her death news followed a huge mystery on the internet back then, and whispers of those are still hearable.

In the Russian city of Ussuriysk, in the Primorsky Krai area, it is thought that the Russian girl committed herself by stepping in front of a speeding train when she was taking part in the "Blue Whale Challenge."

This girl had artistic talent and was also a sister, a daughter, and a friend. The fact that she would commit herself one early May morning was not anticipated by anyone who knew her. None of her friends could have predicted what they would discover after her passing.

Rina Palenkova Death From Suicide, Mystery Surrounding Her Demise

Rina Palenkova, a young and gorgeous girl from Russia, has a normal childhood. But nobody saw it coming when she committed suicide on November 23, 2015, causing her death.

Her involvement in the Blue Whale challenge was where it all began. South-eastern Russian adolescent Rina uploaded a selfie on November 22, 2015. She was shown standing outside. Her face was covered with a black scarf. At the camera, she was pointing her middle finger up. There appears to be dried blood all over it.

Due to the publicity surrounding her passing and the photo's success on the Russian social media platform VK.com, it was discovered that she might have been connected to an online project named Blue Whale.

Her distraught elder brother Marty started looking through her belongings immediately to hunt for clues. Drawings and diary entries, including a little doodle of a female with a name written beneath it in Russian, revealed an odd pattern to him.

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Philipp Budeikin Founded The Deadly Blue Whale Challenge 

In their investigation into the Blue Whale link, the Palenkova family came upon what looked to be an internet suicide challenge that allegedly started in Russia two years prior.

Since then, suicides allegedly motivated by the Blue Whale theory have been documented in central Asia, Europe, and South America. Her suicide seems to be the first such case in the United States. Another teen suicide that happened in Texas in early July and is thought to be related to Blue Whale was covered by The Washington Post.

The game was allegedly created in 2013 according to Philipp Budeikin, a 21-year-old erstwhile psychology student who was dismissed from his institution in 2016. He said his goal was to purge society of those he saw as having no worth by encouraging them to commit suicide.

By 2016, it has become well-known and mainstream. Rina, however, went beyond simply telling her loved ones that she was taking part. She also drew the "blue whale" several times. One is seen in these pictures. Palenkova is one of the few true proven victims of the challenge; therefore, it is vague why people are fighting the evidence.

Rina Palenkova suicide was linked with The Blue Whale challenge
Rina Palenkova suicide was linked with The Blue Whale challenge( Source : Bbc )

What Happened To Rina Palenkova?

Rina Palenkova's death still attracts lots of attention from internet users as the reason for her suicide is unclear. 

Although most individuals and online media have linked her death to her involvement in the Blue Whale Challenge, a small minority believes that she committed suicide in 2015 after experiencing a tragic love affair.

Palenkova terminated her life due to her breakup since she was so distraught after her boyfriend left her.

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