Who Is Roya Nikkhah? What To Know About Royal Editor And Presenter At The Sunday Times

Roya Nikkhah profile picture of London journal website
Roya Nikkhah profile picture of London journal website( Source : londonspeakerbureau )

Roya Nikkhah is a prominent royal presenter, commentator, and broadcaster for important television and radio networks. She serves as the royal editor for The Sunday Times.

Roya, a former royal and arts correspondent for The Sunday Telegraph, has more than ten years of experience covering major royal events and breaking exclusive stories. She has also gained individual interviews with members of the royal family, such as the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex.

As a Royal Commentator on various shows for national and international networks like the BBC, ITV, Sky News, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN, Roya Nikkhah is in high demand. Additionally, she has facilitated the royal documentary.

Who Is Roya Nikkhah? - Know More About Royal Editor And Presenter At The Sunday Times

In 2003, she began working as a news reporter and feature writer for Building Magazines. After getting her big break, she spent nine months working there.

Later that year, she was employed by Telegraph Media Group as the royal and arts correspondent. She currently works as a freelancer. Roya is a reputable media expert who has contributed to major outlets like the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 5, and many others. Despite having such a fruitful career, Roya has chosen to keep the facts of her wealth private.

Roya Nikkhah in Tv show
Roya Nikkhah in Tv show( Source : shutterstock )

A Royal and arts journalist makes, on average, $49,000 per year, according to estimates.

She co-hosted the BBC's official coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh's passing and funeral with Huw Edwards. She was a team member in charge of delivering the network's coverage of the 2019 Queen's Birthday Parade, Trooping the Color, and official D-Day remembrances. During the BBC's official live coverage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding in 2018, Roya was among the on-screen cast.

More About Roya Nikkhah Husband And Children

Roya has not yet provided any information about her marriage or her husband. Roya is not currently a mother or father.

The stunning journalist is frequently asked about her dating life but chooses to remain discreet. There have been no rumors of her being in a relationship right now.

Roya Nikkhah modeling
Roya Nikkhah modeling( Source : airmail )

Roya shared a photo from 2016 of herself and Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire. The rumor that they were dating was just untrue. As a skilled keynote speaker and event moderator, Roya Nikkhah shares her observations and insights on her experiences covering the Royal Family.

Roya Nikkhah, according to 18livenews, is 50 years old. The journalist has not given the complete date of birth in the media. The reporter was born in England in 1970.

Roya Nikkhah Net Worth In 2022

The city celeb website estimates Rosa Nikkhah's net worth at USD 5 million.

She gained additional knowledge about the royals' lifestyle. She is also The Sunday Times' Royal Editor and a well-known commentator for several television and radio networks.

She also has a background of more than ten years, covering significant royal events and breaking exclusive news. She has also been granted exclusive interviews with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Roya Nikkhah has had the chance to speak with certain royal family members. She was able to learn a lot from the royals she said with.

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