Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant? Murder Case And Killer Allen Jason Wooten Charges

Ruiz Stone ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

Ruiz Stone, a devoted mother, neglected to come home from work one evening in June 2003, worrying her family.

But a confession meant that the police were informed of her gruesome murder only days later. The events leading up to Ruiz's terrible death are detailed in the Investigation Discovery documentary "Murder In The Heartland: An Affair with Murder."

Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant?

There are no details on whether Ruiz Stone was pregnant or not when she was killed. James, Ruiz's husband, and the children went to the police station on June 23, 2003, at 7:30 p.m., to file Ruiz missing.

Coworkers said she was last seen that evening at about 5:20; however, she did not get home.

Ruiz Stone picture with her family
Ruiz Stone picture with her family ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

The hunt for the mom ended tragically when fresh evidence directed them to a location in Camden, where her body was found hidden behind some debris.

An examination revealed that Ruiz's skull was fractured, her larynx was crushed, and her cheekbones were destroyed. She had endured a brutal, disproportionate onslaught.

More On Killer Allen Jason Wooten Charges

Allen Jason Wooten asserted that Stone had a sexual relationship with him against his will and later informed him that she might be pregnant. Further, he claimed that she frightened his kids and wife during their argument on the day of the murder.

The murderer confessed to grabbing Stone by the throat before kicking and beating him. Shockingly, Wooten admitted to picking up a pipe and striking her repeatedly with it till she passed away.

Murder of Ruiz Stone by Allen Wooten
Murder of Ruiz Stone by Allen Wooten ( Source : Monstersandcritics )

After covering the remains with wood, Wooten discarded Stone's body in another spot after loading it onto the back of his truck.

Allen Wooten tried to portray himself as a Stone's entrapment victim who was only acting to defend his family.

Wooten's appraisal of the circumstances was challenged by a judge who cited the severity of Wooten's assault on Stone as evidence of a cold-blooded killer.

Where Is Allen Jason Wooten Today In 2022?

Allen Jason Wooten was found guilty after his trial in April 2004 as a result of his confession. First-degree murder and mistreatment of a corpse were judged to be his crimes.

In the same month, Allen received two sentences: a 40-year jail term for the murder of Ruiz Stone and a six-year prison term for the conviction of child abuse.

Records show that the Arkansas State Police still detain him. In July 2031, Allen, who is getting close to 40, will be eligible for release.

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