Who Is Sakiyna Thompson? Kayla Hodgson Tamarac Case Suspect Arrested

Kayla Hodgson, A Florida Bartender was found dead in her apartment nearly 2 weeks ago.

Sakiyna Thompson, a New York woman, was arrested on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. She was involved in the July killing of a Tamarac woman named Kayla Hodgson.

Thompson will be deported to Broward County very soon. Meanwhile, the police still want some answers from her about the mysterious homicide. 

Sakiyna Thompson Arrested In New York- Tamarac Murder Case Update

Sakiyna Thompson was apprehended in Springfield Gardens for suspected murder. 

On July 13, 2022, a woman got stabbed in the 9300 blocks of Northwest 57th Street at her Tamarac apartment. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Although the victim's pieces of information were not made public by the authorities, Kayla Hodgson, 23, was the deceased woman, according to her friends.


The Broward Sheriff's Office officials reported receiving a call about an unconscious woman at around three o'clock. When the rescuers and deputies arrived, the woman was already dead. They are still investing the death. 

A resident, Peter Leshawn, said: 'We don't have crime here. I live in an adjacent neigborhood, I don't know if it was domestic violence. This is a quiet community,'

In the meantime, the friends of the deceased say the victim was a sweet lady and a party lover. She worked as a bartender in South Florida.

One of the deceased's former employers, Swana Alphonse, says: 'I mean, I was devastated. Most of my employees were also, especially those who knew her and worked alongside her. It's just crazy, and it's scary because, you know, we're all bartenders and waitresses. And that could have been any one of us.'

Photos: Sakiyna Thompson's Mugshot and Charges 

Sakiyna Thompson is charged with first-degree murder. The suspect is currently held at Rikers Island, awaiting extradition to Florida.

An arrest warrant was issued on Monday, July 25, 2022. Nevertheless, the New York State Police did not release any details about her.


Earlier, the police only stated that the incident was a homicide. The detectives did not provide information on how and why Thompson killed Hodgson. The Broward Sheriff's office has released a mugshot of Thompson, mainly because they have discovered strong evidence.

The Police agents anticipate that Thompson will be moved to Broward County and charged with first-degree murder this week.

Who Is Sakiyna Thompson? The Killer Of Kayla Hodgson

Sakiyna Thompson is a 28 years old woman from Springfield Gardens, a neighborhood in QueensNew York.

LinkedIn profile under her name and address says she is a Nail Technician who works at the Nu Impressions Hair Salon. In the past, she worked for Junie Bee Nails.

She killed Hodgson for an unknown motive. The authorities have not yet provided any particulars regarding the murderer's motive.

In the meantime, the victim's family has set up a GoFundMe account to support her family. The purpose is to raise USD 50,000, but they have collected over $15k till now. The contribution would assist her family in overcoming some financial obstacles. The money will help to cover the burial cost.

Loved ones of Kayla Hodgson have described the 23-year-old as a vibrant and loyal personality. She will be missed eternally by her parents and siblings.

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