Is Sam Fricker Dating Melissa Melick? Diver And Olympic Athlete Relationship Timeline Explained

Olympian Sam Fricker is dating girlfriend Melissa Melick
Olympian Sam Fricker is dating girlfriend Melissa Melick

Sam Fricker is an Australian diver who competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics. He finished 28th in the Men's 10m Platform in the event. Besides being an athlete, Fricker is also an environmentalist and philanthropist.

The diver, who has nearly a billion views on his YouTube channel and 1.5 million TikTok followers, is headlining for coming to Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games, where he will participate in the men's 10m platform, 3m springboard, and synchronized 3m springboard. He wants to contribute to the collection of medals Australia has in the Commonwealth Games.

The young athlete's participation in the Commonwealth Games is aiding more in his social media stardom, and people are growing curious about whether he has a girlfriend.

Sam Fricker Girlfriend Melissa Melick

Fricker is in a relationship with Melissa Melick; however, very little is known about her.

Melissa is @mel_melick on Instagram, and she has 2,838 followers on the app. She is not entirely present on Frick's personal Instagram handle, @sam.fricker but can be found on his business page @sams.straws, where he sells sustainable and eco-friendly straws. Melissa is seen posing with Frick's wheat-based straws in the account. She also features in Frick's TikTok videos.

Sam Fricker Girlfriend Melissa Melick (in the left) posing with Sam Wheat Straws
Sam Fricker Girlfriend Melissa Melick (in the left) posing with Sam Wheat Straws ( Source : instagram )

The diver is an environmentalist and runs a couple of eco-friendly businesses. He is the founder of Sam's Wheat Straws and the swimwear line SAM. Frick sells non-plastic straw products made of wheat in his former venture, while in the latter, the material he uses contains 80% recycled plastic. He largely depends on social media to promote his environment protection-induced businesses.

Sam Fricker's Past Relationship

Fricker was born on 4 May 2002, meaning he is at the age of 20. He is open about his relationship with Melissa, who is also 20 years old; however, the diver has not spoken much about his past relationships.

It could be that Melissa is Sam's first romantic partner, but there are still chances he might have at least one past relationship. All we can do is put assumptions at the moment because the Internet is not aware of any of Frick's relationship timelines.

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What Is The Career Earning Of Sam Fricker?

Sam has multiple sources of income. He profits through his social media stardom, eco-friendly businesses, and as well through his athletic ventures. Considering all these, he must earn around a million dollars annually.

Sam Fricker is participating in the 2022 Commonwealth Games
Sam Fricker is participating in the 2022 Commonwealth Games( Source : instagram )

Large businesses and profiles looking to expand their following on TikTok can request shoutouts or promotions from popular TikTok users. The cost of a shoutout varies greatly, and unlike YouTube revenue, TikTok influencers have the option to set their rates. According to a general estimation, every thousand TikTok users cost a promoter between $2 and $4 in shoutouts. For influencers with a more extraordinary reputation or profiles with higher engagement rates, higher charges come into play.

By applying these assumptions and considering Fricker's 1.5 million followers, we may calculate that his TikTok-only earnings amount above $100,000. The figures are likely to increase, but let us consider this a rough estimation. Furthermore, the swimmer's youtube channel has amassed more than a billion views which inspects probable chances of earning seven figures. 

Likewise, Sam also runs his own business of swimwear and straws, which adds to his career earnings. Summing all it, he must be earning a lavish income.