Why Is Samantha Morton Bald? Actress Health Related Problems And Short Hair Details

Samantha Morton went bald for the 10th season of The Walking Dead

When Samantha Morton debuted as Alpha in The Walking Dead in 2020, she gave the series new energy. Her appearance in the 10th season of the series was brief. Still, during that time, she caused significant harm to the Alexandrians ( a term familiar with The Walking Dead geeks), killing some of the series's favorite characters. Although Samantha terrorized spectators with her deadly tendencies, her appearance also scared everyone. 

She shaved her eyebrow and became bald for her role in The Walking Dead. The actress went bald not out of any enduring illness but rather to give her role in the series a more realistic aspect.

Samantha Morton is a well-known actress best recognized for her roles in Soldier Soldier, Band of Gold, Sweet and Lowdown, and more. She frequently performs in indie productions with darker storylines. She has won numerous acting awards, including the Golden Globe, the British Independent Film Award, and the British Academy Television Award.

Why Is Samantha Morton Bald? 

The actress is bald not because of any disease but to bring life to her character of Alpha in the well-loved series, The Walking Dead. Besides going bald, she even shaved her eyebrows for the role. 

Samantha's physical presentation as an Alpha includes her bald head, covered in a mask of zombie flesh, and black, inward-looking eyes with eyebrows. Alpha's visage was enough to give anyone nightmares. To add vigor to the on-screen Alpha, Samantha underwent amusing off-screen changes. She confessed to having trouble keeping her hair in place after cutting it off since she could not style the regrowth.


Samantha was one of the guests on the reality show Friday Night In With The Morgans, hosted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, where she explained her struggle with the changes in the physical appearance of the series. 

"When they shaved my eyebrows off, I thought, "Oh, it's fine. Whoopi Goldberg looks amazing," she stated but soon after that exclaimed, "I do not look fine with no bloody eyebrows at all!' 

Additionally, Samantha joked about her hair growth, asserting: 'My hair doesn't know what it wants to be. It's sticking up like Elvis, and it doesn't know if it wants to be curly. I'm just in trouble." She even requested viewers to help her out with any styling ideas for her hair.

Samantha Didn't Wear Extensions

The Internet serves as evidence for the fact that Samantha didn't wear extensions until her hair grew naturally. She can be seen rocking her bald/short hairstyle in shows, interviews, and promotions following the production of the 10th season of The Walking Dead.

Yes, the actress expressed her struggle to pick up an appropriate hairstyle after going bald, but she nevertheless appreciated the experience. She had the option of going bald using special effects, but she believed it would be more believable for the viewers if she chopped off her hair. It proves the versatility Samantha has when it comes to her profession.


Alpha still has more to offer fans of The Walking Dead. Samantha is in talks to resume her role as an Alpha in the anthology spin-off series Tales of the Walking Dead. She will reprise her responsibilities as the Whisperers' commander in this spin-off. Although the spin-off's first season, which consists of six episodes, is being kept a secret, Samantha is rumored to appear in just one of them. Keep up your anticipation to see bald Samantha once again.

As of 2022, Samantha has already grown her hair.

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Samantha Is Not At All Suffering From Cancer

We request all audiences to follow credible news and not maintain sides with baseless buzzes. Samantha went bald for her professional reason and not medical. The actress does not have cancer.

This whole bald title-tattle situation dates back to 2020 and a bit further. Now, Samantha has already grown her hair. Her Instagram account, which goes by the username @samanthamorton, contains her picture with fully grown hair. 

However, she posted on her Twitter handle in 2018 that she lost her son to cancer. She also played in the indie drama Decoding Annie Parker as a breast cancer patient, which is another connection to the disease. With all her off-screen and on-screen experiences with cancer, Samantha is quite engaged in raising breast cancer awareness. 

Her Instagram post dated 23 October 2020 includes an informative video regarding breast cancer. Besides the video is her caption, "Cancer has touched my family deeply as it has millions of others around the world, and I'd like to praise the courage of the women in this film for sharing their stories."