Who Is Samirah Muzaffar Father? Husband Nazrin Hassan Murder Case and Verdict

Chandra Muzaffar

Samirah Muzaffar, a senior executive at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO), along with two teenagers, has been acquitted by the high court of a charge of murdering her husband Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of the Cradle Fund, four years ago.

On June 14, 2018, Samirah, 47, the two teenagers, now 19 and 16, and Indonesian maid Eka Wahyu Lestari, who is still at large, were accused of murdering Nazrin at their house in Mutiara Damansara.

The prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against them, according to Judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman. He ordered that the accused be released without being allowed to defend themselves.

Who Is Samirah Muzaffar Father? 

The name of the father of Samirah Muzzafar, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and executive, is Chandra Muzzafar. Chandra Muzaffar is a Muslim political scientist from Malaysia who is also an Islamic reformist and activist.

He has written on the civilizational debate, human rights, Malaysian politics, and international relations, among other topics. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is the president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), a Malaysian human rights advocacy group.

He also serves on the board of Yayasan 1Malaysia, an organization dedicated to national unity. Muzaffar formed the National Consciousness Movement (Aliran Kesedaran Negara), a multiethnic reform coalition, before his work with JUST and 1Malaysia.

Muzaffer's books and magazine articles on Malaysian politics and international relations include Muslims, Dialogue, Terrorism (2003), and Religion and Governance (2005). 

Samirah Muzaffar Husband: Nazrin Hassan Biodata & Murder Case

Samirah Muzaffar's husband, Nazrin Hassan, was a Malaysian businessman. From October 2007 to June 2018, he was the Group CEO of Cradle Fund.

On June 14, 2018, he perished in a fire at his home in Mutiara Damansara, purportedly caused by an exploding cellphone. Evidence has since emerged suggesting he died as a result of blunt force injuries to the head.

Nazrin was born into a Muslim family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He attended the University of Buckingham and was a member of the UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students' executive committee.

In 1994, Hassan earned a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B Hons) degree. In 1997, he received his Master of Laws (LL.M) from King's College London.

Samirah Muzaffar Parents And Family Life

Samirah Muzzaffar, a Malaysian businesswoman, entrepreneur, and executive, was born in 1973 in Malaysia. Her father's name is Chandra Muzaffar, but she has not disclosed her mother's name.

Samirah's father, Chandra Muzaffar, a political scientist, was the inaugural director of the University of Malaysia's Centre for Civilisational Dialogue.

In terms of her schooling, she earned a bachelor's degree in management from a Malaysian institution. She started her career as a senior executive at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation.

She then joined Cradle Fund Firm, which was created in 2007 by her ex-husband Nazrin.