Is The Actor Sean Kleier Dating Isabelle Marie McKay? Wedding Season Actor Relationship Timeline

Sean Kleier Is Dating Girlfriend Isabelle Marie McKay ( Source : Instagram )

Sean Thompson Kleier, prominently known as Sean Kleier, is an American actor who has been in talks to star in Netflix comedy Wedding Season in 2022. The project is still an ongoing one, and it is in its filming phase.

Besides Wedding Season, Sean is also well known for featuring in the filmographies; Julia (2014), She Lights Up Well (2014), Homeward (2014), The Intern (2015), After Party (2017), Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018). Sean can as well be seen in the TV series Happyish (2015), Mr. Right (2014-205), and 9-1-1 (2020), playing the recurring role of Mikal. Bryce and Greg, respectively. 

Furthermore, he has made guest appearances in other TV series such as Madam Secretary (2014), Younger (2016), Blue Bloods (2018), and Chicago Fire (2019), among others. Besides upholding the profession of an actor, Sean is also the co-founder of the production and media strategy company Motiv Creative. 

The actor's professional life is an open book; however, his private life is not so. Here, in this article, let us learn what is happening in Sean's personal life.

 Sean Kleier Is Dating His Girlfriend Isabelle Marie McKay

If you follow Sean's Instagram account with the username @seankleier, you could be aware that the actor is dating Isabelle Marie McKay. He is open about his relationship with McKay, and we might hear news of their marriage anytime soon because that is what Sean's captions suggest.

Isabelle is a doctor by profession. In 2009, she graduated with a bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University. Isabelle then completed a master's in science at Barry University before earning a second master's degree in public health at the University of Miami. The dual master's degree holder added academic accomplishment to her resume in 2018 when she received her MD from Tulane University School of Medicine. She is presently employed with Maimonides Medical Centre as a resident doctor. 

Sean is proud of all the achievements of Isabelle. Recently, he used his Instagram handle to appreciate Isabelle's professional achievement. The caption of the post he uploaded read, "An achievement 17 years in the making. The sheer grit, determination and perseverance it took to accomplish this… words escape me".

Sean Kleier with his girlfriend Isabelle Marie McKay who is a doctor
Sean Kleier with his girlfriend Isabelle Marie McKay who is a doctor ( Source : Instagram )

"I'm so impossibly proud and thrilled to see what you do next. The world has never needed your talents more," Sean further added.

More to context, the Wedding Season actor's last Instagram post is of him spending a romantic day with Isabelle in Chicago. The two can be seen making rings in the picture. And with the caption beside the picture stating "Here's to what's next," people assume that the two might have engaged.

Past Relationship Of The Actor Sean Kleier 

Sean is 35 years old, and considering his current relationship with Isabelle started just a few years back, he probably has a few past relationships.

Sean is loved by many because of his celebrity profile. Since a few years back, he has been together with his girlfriend Isabelle; therefore, fact-check, he has already found someone he loves dearly. However, we cannot precisely tell if Sean has had other relationships in the past.

Assumably, he could have had a few relationships in the past that didn't work out, which is only natural. But all of that is still under sheets because Sean never opened up about it. He could have never talked about it because he had never dated anyone before Isabelle. Still, hey, all we are doing here is making probable assumptions because we don't know the reality.

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 Actor Sean Kleier's Parents' Nationality

Sean is of American nationality; therefore, it is highly likely that his parents are also American. Very little is known about his parents.

Sean Kleier with girlfriend Isabelle, mother Pam, brother Ryan, and his father
Sean Kleier with girlfriend Isabelle, mother Pam, brother Ryan, and his father ( Source : Instagram )

Sean's mother's name is Pam Kleier, and she is present on Instagram as @camppampy. From her Instagram feed, it seems she loves nature and being outdoors. His father's name is, nevertheless, unknown. He is not present on Instagram, but he has a presence on Sean's Instagram posts. Both of Sean's parents had attended an academic ceremony for Isabelle and seemed content with her achievements. 

Sean is not a single child in his family. He has a brother named Ryan Kleier.