Who Is Sergio Ochoa? Mexican Actress Leonorilda Ochoa Son And Actor Bio Details

Sergio Ochoa is a Mexican actor recognized for his role in Ladrón de Corazones

Sergio Ochoa is a Mexican actor recognized for his roles in Ladrón de Corazones (2003), Kid (2004) and Ataque salvaje (1995). The actor holds more than twenty filmography credits in his thirty years of career in show business.

Additionally, Sergio is a theatre artist as well. He took lessons for singing, improvisation, guitar and composition, piano, harmony, and other fields that have aided in developing his theatrical skills.

Who Is Actor Sergio Ochoa? Wikipedia Bio

Sergio Ochoa hails from Mexico City. He is better known for portraying Bartolomé in the TV series Simon Says (2018-2019). He is @soysergioochoa on Instagram with 16 thousand followers; on Facebook, he has above six thousand followers.

Sergio played the guest role of Alonso in one of the episodes of the series Alcanzar una estrella in 1990. His other guest portrayals include Martín in the series Agujetas de color de rosa (1994), Carmelo Sánchez in El juego de la vida (2001 and 2022), Toribio in De pocas, pocas pulgas (2003), Mariano Pacheco in My Love, My Sin (2004), and Daniel in Alma de hierro (2008), among others. 

Sergio Ochoa is 45 Years Old
Sergio Ochoa is 45 Years Old( Source : Facebook )

Furthermore, the actor is well-known for his regular role of Paco in the TV series Papá soltero, Tarta in Ladrón de Corazones, Joel in Dear Enemy, and Bartolomé in Simon Says. His small screen appearances include in the TV short Mi propósito eres tú (parodia), The Lilos, Saori, Kid, and Radioshock.

Sergio Ochoa Is 45 Years Old

Actor Sergio Ochoa was born in 1977. He has been working in the Mexican entertainment industry for approximately 30 years. 

Sergio, a Televisa CEA and Argos acting school alumnus, has taken improvement classes in singing, improvisation, guitar and composition, piano, harmony, and other subjects to hone his acting skills. He is a theatre artist besides working on big screens. 

His theatre works include The Little Prince, Hansel, and Gretel, Vaseline, Human Miseries, The play, This is not real life, Improsport, Verdict, and more recently, the work Sexos.

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Sergio Ochoa's Mother Died Of Alzheimer's Disease

The famous late Mexican actress Leonorilda Ochoa is the mother of actor Sergio. She appeared in films from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, television, and stage performances, becoming well-known as La Pecas in the sitcom Los Beverly de Peralvillo. Sadly, she passed away from Alzheimer's disease in 2016 at age 78.

Sergio Ochoa with his late mother Leonorilda Ochoa
Sergio Ochoa with his late mother Leonorilda Ochoa( Source : Chicagotribune )

Leonorilda holds the credits of an actress in the films Que familia tan cotorra!, Muñecas peligrosas, Los años verdes, Abuelita de Bakman, La alegría de vivir, and others. Furthermore, she also appeared on the television series Los Beverly de Peralvillo, Mujer, casos de la vida real, Código postal, and more.