Shawn Pilot Garnered A Net Worth of $500 Thousand From Gotham Garage

Actoe Shawn Pilot Talking With His Crew

Shawn Pilot is an American actor earning a good net worth through his acting profession.

Pilot is an American actor best known for his prominent role in the 2018 reality television series Car Mater: Rust to Riches. He has played in many movies from an early age.

The pilot started his career in the film industry on 1999 with the movie three kings. Although his role was minor, he had the opportunity to share the spotlight with the best actors who had successful careers.

Moreover, the film ended up being a huge success, earning $108 million. Although he had a small role, the film's success was a good start for his net worth as a film actor.

Furthermore, Shawn got a chance to lead in the 2018 reality series Car Masters: Rust to Riches. The actor came to the limelight after the release of this series; he received lots of positive feedback from his viewers.

Shawn Pilot Has A Net Worth Of $500 Thousand from Gotham Garage

The actor, skilled poker player, and professional gambler, his total net worth is estimated at around $500,000


Speaking of poker and net worth, Shawn has won over $400,000 in his poker history. His most impressive achievement was when he won nearly $40,000 in a single poker tournament.

Moreover, He joined more than 67 live tournaments and is ranked 2601 amongst poker players in the U.S. and 5020th for all-time money ranking. He has managed to earn a good amount of money from playing poker.

Furthermore, Shawn has yet to reveal the exact amount of his net worth. However, judging by the popularity of his series and his love for adjusting cars, his net worth is estimated to be around $500k

Shawn Pilot Career Facts - Who Is He?

Shawn Pilot is one of the team members of Gotham Garage, and Mark Towle owns this garage.


Shawn Pilot is a professional actor, mechanic, and expert poker player. He is good at this game as he has reached the professional level and has earned good money since he joined this game.

Shawn Pilot is a married man, but there is no information about his married life on the internet. Mr. pilot has not revealed the identity of his wife and his children till now, as of 4th August 2022.

Furthermore, it is proven that Shawn is very secretive in his personal life. He has kept his birth date a secret; however, after looking at his physical appearance, he is around his late 40s.

Shawn's Pilot Wife And Age Gap

Shawn Pilot is very secretive; most of his personal life and wife's details are a mystery to us.

However, we tried to dig deep to find out about his wife's information, but currently, there is no data about them on the internet. He has also yet to reveal their children's communication on the internet.

Shawn has not uploaded any information about his wife on his Instagram account. The actor is on Instagram with the name Shawnpilot, and he has 19.7k followers, 23 followings, and ten posts.

NameShawn Pilot
ProfessionActor, Tv Personality
TV MoviesCar Masters: Rust to Riches, Three Kings

Furthermore, the actor uploaded a photo with his mom on 30th July 2022 on his Instagram account. It seems like both of them are happy with their life.