Who Is Shunta Bothered On TikTok? Abuse Allegations And Twitter Reaction

Shunta Bothered is a drag-artist from Nottingham.
Shunta Bothered is a drag-artist from Nottingham.

Shunta Bothered is an English lip-sync and drag artist. She is currently facing criticism after getting accused of sexual violence by some everyday Twitter users. 

A member of the LGBTQ+ community, Bothered has been working as a drag artist for many years. She is known for performing in charities and local events.

The drag artist most recently performed on July 29, 2022, at the Pride Spectacular. Her performance was titled, Shunta Bothered and Friends: Pride Spectacular at the Arnold Ex Serviceman's Club, Clinton Street. 

Who Is Shunta Bothered On TikTok? 

Shunta Bothered is a famous drag artist and Disc Jockey. She is originally from Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Bothered uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often magnify female gender signifiers and gender roles. The drag artist entertains people with lip-syncing, live singing, and dancing. 


Last September 2021, Bothered performed to a sold-out audience alongside Eve Waye, Skylar, and singer Eleda Starr. 

The darg-artist is also a member of the New Foresters LGBT organization.

On Tiktok, the original Tiktok account of Bothered does not exist. The video of Nottingham Drag Queen, however, swirls on the Internet. 

On July 29, 2022, at Arnold Ex-Service Club, Bothered collaborated with drag artists like the Pop Tartz (Claire-Leigh Knott, Jade Amay, and Selma Clitz), Lexi Andrews, Dita Von Teesside, The Poison Ivies, The Deadly Sins, and Peachy Pearls in the past. 

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Shunta Bothered Abuse Allegations On Twitter

Shunta Bothered is trending on Twitter after getting accused of sexual abuse. She has been called a predator by many netizens on Twitter since April 2022. Moreover, many people say she might be fraudulent.

@ItsBeeBitchx has tweed many photos of Bothered, calling the drag artist a pedophile. The Twitter user also says Bothered works in multiple bars. She wrote: 'daily reminder shunta bothered is a pedophile and is still working at multiple bars in Nottingham.' 

Another user, Eve 6000, a Toronto-based artist, has indirectly said that drag artists like Shunta are getting promoted this day.

She said:'The drag world is terrible at not working with / promoting sexual predators. Ppl who have been outed for years as repeated predators still work gainfully and are supported by tons of other queens.'

Similarly, another Twitter user, @corm_ageddon, also suspects Bothered. He says:' So we all agree that @ShuntaBothered is a predator and that person who spoke up needs to be taken seriously, right? Listen to victims. Hold people accountable.'

How Old Is Shunta Bothered? Her Age

Shunta Bothered's age is in the forties. As a drag artist, she is a gay male and likes to be called them or them. However, her real name is not known.

According to one of Bothered's Facebook posts, her birthday falls on November 10. In the post, the drag artist is also seen asking for donations for a mental health foundation.

Bothered is active on Instagram with the handle name @shuntabotheredofficial. Her profile has earned a total of 516 followers.

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