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Annette Costantini, a teenage girl, was killed and 46 other children were injured on May 2, 1964, in a strange accident involving an escalator in a stadium.

The Orioles celebrated "Safety Patrol Day" on that particular day in order to recognize the school children who assisted in ensuring the safety of their fellow students' trips to and from school by participating in safety patrols for their respective schools.

20,000 school children from all throughout Maryland received free entry to the Orioles' game against the Cleveland Indians as part of the occasion.

Video: Stadium Escalator Accident On Baltimore

A teenage girl was killed and 46 other kids were hurt in a freak accident involving an escalator in a stadium on May 2,1964.

A large number of kids started boarding an escalator on the third-base side of the stadium as the national anthem played prior to the start of the game.

The escalator went from the lower deck to the upper deck. Unfortunately, the top of the escalator was partially obstructed by a thin metal gate that only permitted one person to get through while three or four youngsters at a time were boarding it at the bottom.

Children started falling back on top of one another in a crush of bodies as a result of the mass of children being blocked at the top.

Melville Gibson, a 65-year-old stadium usher, finally reached the escalator's emergency shut-off valve and switched the escalator off after the children had been cut and dismembered by the moving steps.

To stop pranksters from shutting it off while people were on it, the shut-off switch had previously been relocated to a wall across from the escalator.

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Annette Costantini Was Killed In Cleveland Baseball Game 

The body of eighth-grader Annette Costantini from Northeast Baltimore's St. Dominic's School was discovered huddled close to the top of the escalator after the remains were removed.

In the incident, a number of additional Hamilton-area Catholic school students suffered injuries. It was determined that the Otis Elevator Co. escalator that killed Annette Costantini was in good functioning condition and was practically brand new.

However, the escalator's emergency shut-off switch had been installed on a wall opposite the moving stairway to deter tricksters from shutting it off while passengers were on it.

A stadium usher had to cross tumbling and twisted bodies of kids to get to the trouble and stop the escalator when it started.

Adult mistakes were at blame, not problems with the escalator or the children.

The Orioles' management made the decision to let the kids who were still arriving before the game into the upper deck after the left-field bleachers in left field had already been packed with Safety Patrol pupils.

In the stadium's history, it was the worst accident. Before the May 2 game, a channeler, who had presumably been left there from an earlier event, stood at the top of the escalator on the third-base side, allowing children to board three and four at a time at the bottom but only exit one at a time at the top.

Children started tripping over one another, people kept boarding at the bottom, and the escalator kept moving.

Annette Costantini Parents: Who Are They?

The parents of Annette Costantini have not been highlighted in the media. No one at St. Dominic's remembers talking to or hearing from the family after the incident involving their daughter.

Despite the fact that they haven't been highlighted in the media, they might be thinking of their daughter.

There is no information about her family that indicates whether she has siblings or not.

Annette's family is, nevertheless, extremely helpful and kind. They serve as an example for both the present and upcoming generations. A person's success is frequently powered by a loving family who helps them to accomplish their goals.

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