Who Are Steven Smith and Renee Jackson? Meet Peyton Alex Smith Parents

Peyton Alex Smith With His Father Steven Smith

The couple Steven Smith and Renee Jackson could be a novel name in the American entertainment industry, but Peyton Alex Smith, their son, is renowned. Yes, Peyton Alex Smith, an American actor known for his presence in the 2022 TV series All American: Homecoming, is the son of Steven Smith and Renee Jackson.

While Peyton is gaining prominence for his roles in movies and series such as Legacies (2018-2021), The Quad (2017-2018), Detroit (2017), Carter High (2015), Mad Money (2008), and more, it makes sense that people would be interested in learning more about his family.

Here, in this piece, let us get to know Peyton's parents, Steven Smith and Renee Jackson, and his personal life a little bit better.

Who Are Steven Smith and Renee Jackson? 

Steven Smith and Renee Jackson are proud parents of the All American: Homecoming actor, Peyton Alex Smith. Renee gave birth to Peyton on 18 June 1994 in San Diego, California, and raised him in Texas with her husband, Steven. 

As he grew up, Peyton's parents sent him to Dr. John D. Horn High School to finish his high school education. After that, he was enrolled at Florida A&M University for his advanced level studies, but Peyton dropped out after the first semester. He was interested in acting, so to improve his acting skills, he enrolled in Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.


Peyton made his debut in the entertainment business in 2006 with a minor part as Jamal in an episode of the television sitcom Barney & Friends. He had to struggle and wait for nearly a decade for his breakthrough role. It was in 2015 when Peyton played Vincent in Carter High, and his career took a major turn. Following that, he received opportunities to portray more significant and regular roles on The Quad, Legacies, and All American: Homecoming as Cedric Hobbs, Rafael Waithe, and Damon Sims, respectively.

Peyton's parents Steven Smith and Renee Jackson must be overjoyed with their son's accomplishments. It must have been a matter of stress for Peyton's parents when he suddenly dropped out from a conventional education course but seeing his success now, and they must be proud of him.

Peyton Alex Smith's Ethnicity

A few sources claim that Peyton is of African-American ethnicity. Assumable, he must be as well. Nonetheless, this information lacks uniform credibility as all sites do not support the accuracy of the information.

However, we can ensure that Peyton is an American national.


Peyton is available on Instagram as @peytonalexsmith, but he has not posted a single post till now. His first ever Instagram post was reported to be a tribute to his late grandmother, which he must have deleted now. Peyton has 291 thousand followers on the platform. 

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Who is Peyton Alex Smith Dating?

Peyton is secretive about his personal life, given he has not disclosed much information about his parents besides their names. It must be the same with his romantic life. Assumably, the 28-year-old actor is single as of now, but we cannot seal it with full assurance as Peyton is notable for keeping his private life under wraps. 

Many actors have at least one relationship, either past or present, at the age of 28. Provided Peyton has an appealing appearance and personality to garner the interest of many women, he must have had an experience of at least one romantic relationship until now.

Also, because there are still questions lingering around his dating life, speculation about Peyton's marital status can be kept off the table. He is neither engaged nor married.