Stranger Things Vecna Spotify Playlist, These Songs Can Save You

Stranger Things, Max Mayfield on a Vecna's curse

So, who went up charts along with Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill; it's our excitement level for the recently released Volume II of Stranger Things and by going up, we also mean Vecna taking us high on trance!

Stranger Things along with dominating the world, and crashing Netflix has brought another cool news, now, Spotify will release a personal playlist for you to discover your "savior song," just in case Vecna leaves Hawkins!

Stranger Things Vecna Spotify Playlist- These Songs Can Save You

Let's say Vecna got you (assume, of course), which song do you think will save you from his death grip? Well, you don't need hard because Spotify made it easier for you.

Because music is so potent, it creates a doorway to freedom. And now, teaming up with this wonderful show, Spotify helps you to create your own upside-down playlist.

How does it work? The app creates a playlist for everyone to check out their No. 1 "savior song." There, you have it, your key music pieces to break the trance.


Stranger Things on Netflix has a big impact, especially when it comes to starting the '80s nostalgia craze. The episode from Volume I where Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) tried to control Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), she managed to escape the upside-down as her pals played Running Up That Hill, her favorite song.

Moreover, the song by Kate Bush peaked at No. 1 on iTunes when the fourth season was released and was featured in that very episode. It proves that the show was capable to bring back the '80s music to the top of the contemporary music charts.

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Stranger Things Vecna Spotify Playlist Custom Made

The show ended on a cliffhanger, and the producer, Duffer Brothers, recently raised the stakes by disclosing that there were five deaths in the program, subtly hinting at Season Five as well.

Beginning with Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, Maya Hawke, Zoe Kerry, David Harbour, and many others, the show is brilliantly made with all A-list actors and a very grasping storyline.

Now about finding your song that will help will leave the Upside Down, Spotify will allow each user to have their own unique "Upside Down Playlist" with all of their favorite songs on it.

Along with the music you may have never heard before, the app will also feature a few songs from the show soundtrack. To add further, each playlist has 50 songs or roughly 2-3 hours, and that should be more than enough time to flee from Vecna in a harrowing slow-motion.

You'll find your playlist after logging in to the Spotify app. Go nerds, it's time to levitate!

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