What Happened To Sylvain Tesson? Philippe Tesson Son Accident And Disaster Type Explained

Sylvain Tesson

Let's have a detailed review of the Sylvain Tesson accident case in 2014. He was born in Paris and is a French writer and traveler.

The Consolations of the Forest (2011), which is about a mission to spend six months alone in a Siberian cabin, and The Art of Patience [fr] (2019), which is about the search for snow leopards in Tibet, are two of his most famous books.

He won the Prix Renaudot for the later book. In 2014, writer Sylvain Tesson was involved in an accident that almost claimed his life. Learn more about his health's improvement.

Both the author and the traveler are French. He embarks on lengthy and unique journeys and excursions that are the basis for his publications.

The Consolations of the Forest and The Art of Patience are two of his best-known works. He appeared in the Revue des Deux Mondes edition from May to June 2022.

Update On Sylvain Tesson Accident And Paralyzed Case

In 2014, Sylvain Tesson was involved in a strange accident that put him in a coma for ten days. He fell a few meters in 2014 when scaling a Chamonix home's exterior.

He got 20 fractures from the accident and spent two months in bed at Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. He said that he suffered partial amnesia for approximately four weeks throughout his time in the hospital.

Sylvain Tesson Potrait Image
Sylvain Tesson Potrait Image( Source : Bienpublic )

Although he had good recollections of his time in the hospital, he was in tremendous pain when he left. He had screws in his head, several fractured bones, and some rib pieces in his heart.

He learned from the accident that physical pain is the worst type of agony. Because of his fractured skull, he could not close his eyes, and because the nerve leading to the brain is directly attached, it hurt.

What Happened To Sylvain Tesson?

Sylvain Tesson appears to be doing well and has recovered from his accident, but he still talks about how terrible it was because it left him paraplegic and put him in a coma for ten days.

By ascending the 422 steps of Notre Dame de Paris on his own, the writer underwent therapy nearly daily. He wanted to get better so he could go to France.

He resumed his travels after getting better and headed to the Himalayas to see the snow leopard. Then, he rekindled his wanderlust while driving across a frozen lake in Mongolia in the dead of winter.

Where Is The Writer Today?

Les Chemins de Pierre, Sylvain Tesson's novel-turned-movie, is now under production.

Similar to this, he will be seen assisting photographer Vincent Munier in the film The Red Velvet Queen: The Snow Leopard as he sets out to capture the infamously elusive snow leopard.

Sylvain Tesson Accident Took Place In 2014
Sylvain Tesson Accident Took Place In 2014( Source : Invivomagazine )

Philippe Tesson, the journalist who created the French daily Le Quotidien de Paris, and Marie-Claude Tesson are the parents of Sylvain Tesson.

The actress Stephanie Tesson and the art critic Daphne Tesson are his sisters. His background is in geography, and he has a geopolitics degree.

About Sylvain Tesson Travel And Writings

Sylvain Tesson traversed the Himalayas on foot once more with Poussin in 1997, traveling 5000 kilometers in five months from Bhutan to Tajikistan.

Later, in 1998, he and Poussin worked together to write the book La Marche Dans le Ciel: 5000 km on foot in the Himalaya.

He and photographer Priscilla Telmon rode horses across the central Asian steppes in 1999 and 2000, traveling from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

Two books in the radio show and book series Un été avec were written by Tesson. In 2017 he published Un été avec Homère about Homer, and in 2020 he published Un été avec Rimbaud about Arthur Rimbaud.