Tasha McCauley is an American scientist specializing in robotics and is famed for her contribution to the USA Science field of robotics and also for her marriage to famous American actor Joseph Gordo- Levitt. Here we look at some facts about this amazing scientist that remain unknown to many of her fans and followers.


Quick facts about Tasha McCauley

Full Name: Tasha McCauley

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Place of Birth: United States of America

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Robot Scientist

Associations: Fellow Robots and Hatch

Net Worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Children: 2

1. Tasha is a professional Robot Scientist

Tasha McCauley is a lady with a vision that aims to incorporate the sci-fi world to the real human world and as thus has spent a lot of years in the robot science field researching for new ways in which robots can be made and used in industry and other fields of life in order to give a good back to human intellect while at the same time helping to alleviate the need to have people work for too long at the expense of their health.

2. Tasha McCauley started dating Joseph in 2013

After meeting her husband to be, Joseph Gordo- Levitt in 2013 through a set of mutual friends from both her side and that of Joseph. Tasha and Joseph kicked it off slowly and started dating in 2013, building a union that led to Joseph proposing to Tasha to which she answered yes when he popped the question. The two would eventually get married in 20th December of 2014 at a private ceremony that did not the glamour of the media at long after it had taken place thus helping them keep their peace of mind which they had had all through their dating period. Through the marriage, the couple has been blessed with two children. The children’s identity has been kept on the low, with Joseph saying that he would wish for the kids to grow up and decide for themselves whether they wish to lead a public life.


3. Tasha McCauley tries to keep off the public limelight

Unlike her famous husband Joseph Gordon, who rose to fame through his acting endeavors, Tasha McCauley chooses to keep her private life private and most of her affairs and moves never get the eye of the media which serves well for the robot scientist in her career. While dating in 2013, Joseph said that he had a girlfriend but she preferred to keep away from the public limelight and doesn’t wish to lead that famous life that Joseph lives.