Why Is Taylor Grenda Leaving WBAL? Meteorologist Left TV After Five Successful Years

Taylor Grenda is a meteorologist from Delaware.

Taylor Grenda is a meteorologist and a retired swimmer from Delaware who worked at the WBAL-TV 11 Weather team from August 2017 till the 19th of August 2022.

An alma mater of the University of Miami, Grenda graduated with a Broadcast Journalism/Political Science degree and served as a varsity swim team member. Likewise, the meteorologist is also a graduate of the Mississippi State Meteorology program.

Meteorologist: Why Is Taylor Grenda Leaving WBAL TV?

The meteorologist of WBAL, Taylor Grenda, seems to have shot her last episode at the WBAL-TV 11 Weather Forcast as per the recent post she made on her social networking sites.

Taylor posted a picture with the adorable dog Tucker an hour ago with the caption, 'And that's a wrap! ? ? Gonna miss you, @wbaltvpuppy Tucker, ?! @wbaltv11.' 

Furthermore, Grenda is leaving the weather forecast team to achieve better things in the upcoming days but hasn't revealed her plans yet. Hopefully, the reason behind her departure will disclose soon; we wish her the best in her new endeavor.

Where Is Taylor Grenda Going?

Taylor hasn't disclosed where she is going; however, she broke the news of leaving the WBAL-TV 11 Weather Forcast team on the 13th of August through her social media.

After working at WBAL for five years, the meteorologist has chosen not to continue her journey at the television station in pursuit of better opportunities in life; she must have something up her sleeves that she has kept a secret from the public for now. 

Furthermore, she had an offer to extend her time at the tv station, which she denied. She will always remain grateful to her coworkers and the fantastic team for welcoming her with open arms and trusting her throughout the process.

Grenda has grown professionally and has shared that forecasting in the Mid-Atlantic was challenging & exciting at the same time. Moreover, she is excited about her new adventure and has promised to update her admirers soon on what's next. 

What Happened To Taylor Grenda?

Nothing awful has happened to the meteorologist, but as she has declared to leave the weather forecast team of WBAL-TV 11, some people have speculated that something might have happened to her.

However, Taylor is all good, and she didn't leave because she had any problems with the team; instead, the retired swimmer has appreciated her colleagues for the time and memories she created with them.

The weather forecaster learned a lot from her journey with the television station she joined in August 2017; she delivered Maryland's weather forecasts on 11 News on weekend mornings and weekdays on 11 News at Noon.


Furthermore, Grenda met the love of her life Gregg Materko at her workplace; the stunning couple walked down the aisle at Lewes Yacht Club in 2021, and they will mark their anniversary on the 30th of October every passing year.

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Does Taylor Grenda Have Any Health Issues?

Taylor has no health issues and is doing fine; she hasn't disclosed any health complications or problems to the media.

Following the meteorologist's departure from the Baltimore television station affiliated with NBC, people might have speculated that she had a breakdown, which appears invalid.


She disclosed her withdrawal from the show as anticipation of a new adventure and not a leave to recover from an undisclosed illness, and we cannot wait to witness what she has to offer to the viewers.

Moreover, we presume better opportunities might have knocked on her door, and she has taken a further step to meet new people and expand her horizon. Before joining WBAL-TV 11, she worked at a sister station WPBF-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida, KRBC in Abilene, Texas, and WTXF in Philadelphia.

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