Tebatso Mashishi Was Arrested For Theft - What Did Kgosi Steal?

Tebatso Mashishi, an Actor and Singer
Tebatso Mashishi, an Actor and Singer

The renowned TV actor Mashishi who stepped up his career in Hollywood three years ago is a familiar face. He is focused on his musical field now.

Muvhango's actor Tebatso Mashishi is under arrest on Saturday, June 18, 2022. The allegation of theft was made by his ex-girlfriend and Durban Gen actress, Nanamhla Dalisile, on Wednesday this week.

What did the singer Tebatso Mashishi steal? We'll further discuss the matter in the below paragraphs. Stay with us

Indeed, Mashishi has balanced his acting and singing career. He has been portrayed in several films, including the wannabe entrepreneur role called Papi in the highly acclaimed film Matwetwe years ago.

Reportedly, the young budding singer, Tebatso lost his co-star Sibusiso Khwinana who got stabbed and killed after filming Matwetwe. Following the tragic incident, he opened up about the traumatic experience of his acting and music career. His mother also died, the Southafrican reported.  

On stage, Mashishi goes with the handle Prodykal Son, and his latest music, 'A Lot Happened' is available online. He dedicated the song to his mother and his deceased friend. 

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Actor Tebatso Mashishi Was Arrested For Felon Charges Of Theft: What Did He Steal?

Muvhnago's actor Tebatso Mashishi is under arrest for theft charges. He stole his ex-girlfriend's phone and laptop. 

According to reports, Tebatso is a well-known actor for portraying the role of Kgosi in the soapie "Muvhango" who went to his ex-fiance, Nanamhla's apartment in Randburg to collect his clothes from the actress before stealing the two gadgets, laptop and her cellphone. She filed a complaint against him on Wednesday last week.

If you don't know, Tebatso ad Nanamhla were lovers, but they broke up this year. However, they are separated now and no longer together. Before vacating the room, she mistakenly took his clothes.

While Nananhla was unpacking clothes from the suitcase, she realized that she had packed his clothes. She called Mashishi and told him to take his clothes. She gave her new house address so that he could fetch them. 

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Learn More About Tebatso Mashishi Wikipedia And Age Here

Tebatso Mashishi was 28 years of age as of 2021, according to Safrolebs. At the end of the year, Mashishi will turn 29 years old in 2022. 

Sadly, we don't have enough details about his date of birth as it is still a secret in the media.

Tebasto Mashishi talks about his journey in musical career
Tebasto Mashishi talks about his journey in musical career( Source : co )

Despite his popularity, Tebatso has no name on Wikipedia yet. However, we can get his bio on tabloids as he has made headlines for alleged theft from his girlfriend's apartment. The news is circulated on several news platforms.

As per the source, Tebatso was the only son of his parents, born in 1993. Before settling down in Atteridgeville, Tshwane, his family lived in Mpumalanga. They moved there when Mashishi was young.

Did you know? Tebatso spent most of his childhood inside because of his skin condition of albinism, which makes him vulnerable to sunlight.

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Tebatso Mashishi Mugshot On Twitter

Tebatso Mashishi's mugshot is available on Twitter. People are reacting to his arrest news and retweeting the post. 

One user wrote, "Muvhango’s Tebatso Mashishi nabbed for theft. His girlfriend opened a case against him on Wednesday. The further news will be updated in the next article. Stay with us. 

As per the tweets, "there is a heartbreaking moment when Matwetwe co-star Tebatso Mashishi, who plays Papi in the film, breaks down in grief when he walks into SibusisoKhwinana's home. The two were together when Sibusiso was stabbed to death on Friday."

Besides that, Tebatso has over six thousand followers on Instagram. Also, he is actively available on Facebook. We can scrutinize his FB and IG feeds to know his upcoming songs and events.