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Ted Karras And Wife Rachel Karras Were Married In 2018

Ted celebrates the super bowl win with his lovely missus
Ted celebrates the super bowl win with his lovely missus ( Source : instagram )

Ted Karras and his wife Rachel Karras have been married for six years. Ted and Rachel tied the knot in February 2018. 

Cincinnati Bengals center wed the love of his life after five years of dating. Their wedding, which was held at a premier boutique hotel, Arista was coordinated by Katie Jones.

Ted shared a throwback picture of him and his other half at the Memorial Stadium
Ted shared a throwback picture of him and his other half at the Memorial Stadium( Source : instagram )

Karras and his missus couple celebrated the occasion with their close friends and family.

The couple have no kids as of yet. However, the Karras family has adopted two pet cats, a year after the wedding and treat them as part of the family.

Ted Karras Wife Rachel Karras

Ted Karras wife Rachel Karras is a professional fitness and yoga instructor. Rachel also teaches Pilates at the Boston Body Pilates. 

Rachel McCool Karras's personal information is not available as she chooses to keep her family and education details among other things private, and out of the public eye.

She is very active on her Instagram account. With a following of 1,244, Rachel has around 168 total posts on her account.

Her Instagram is filled with different posts of her with her husband. Besides that, she frequently posts different workout-related videos and tips. At times, she also posts about different couple yoga poses with Ted. 

Missus Karras has also endorsed many fitness brands in her workout videos. Back in 2018, she posted her pilates workout video, and she tagged many brands like Adidas, Top Shop, and others.

Being a professional Pilate instructor, she also posts an update about her clients. Usually, most of her clients are females, and she posts behind the scene about their workouts.

Rachel has mentioned many times that she is quite grateful to have many clients at such a young age, and their progress motivates her as well. 

Ted Karras And Rachel Karras Married Life Explored

Ted and Rachel married on 18 February 2018 after dating for five years. The two have been inseparable since.

Every year, the couple celebrates their anniversary together and posts about it via their social media platforms. Both of them mention how grateful they are towards each other and they are willing to further adventure together.

During their third-year anniversary, Ted posted snippets of their wedding on his Instagram and he mentioned that Rachel gave the most delightful meaning to his life and he is lucky that he got the chance to marry his best friend. 

Ted and Rachel's wedding pictures from 2018
Ted and Rachel's wedding pictures from 2018 ( Source : instagram )

Rachel is often seen at the stadium when Ted is playing. She has always been supportive of him and his love for sports. 

In one of the posts, Ted wished Rachel a very happy birthday and mentioned how he celebrates her existence every single day. He also detailed that his life changed for the best when they met, and he can't wait to celebrate more with her.

Ted And Rachel Own Two Cats

Ted and Rachel love pets and own two cats. The couple bought two ginger colored cats and named them Nugget and Nigel after their marriage. 

The couple treats their cats like their own children, and they often post about them on Instagram. In 2019, Rachel shared a video of her working out with her husband and their cats around. She captioned the video, "What did Nugget say to Nigel when I lunged on Ted's back?"

Ted and Rachel with their two cats, Nugget and Nigel.
Ted and Rachel with their two cats, Nugget and Nigel. ( Source : instagram )

The couple calls their cats The Karras Kitten and calls themselves Cat Parents. During Christmas 2019, the couple shared their family portrait, where they held their two cats. 

In December 2020, Rachel shared a picture of them holding their cats and in the caption, she mentioned voting for Ted to be the team captain at the Super Bowl.