Costume play or better known as cosplay is an art that involves the use of certain costumes to depict certain fictitious characters and make them appear real with a few human features such as the ability to talk. The art was derived from Asia, the country of Japan to be particular. Previously the art had not gained much fame but of late it’s been making headlines as more and more movie directors and producers embrace the art in their process of filmmaking.

The cosplay art is seeing a massive and wild boom because of the master artist of such spread, social media. Recently, people are not just satisfied with having to sit down and watch their favorite cosplay actors do the acting alone but they also want to dress like them, walk like them, talk like them and pose like them in their photos that they post on social media. This has seen more and more people become aware of cosplay and with the celebration of Halloween, the art just gained more familiarity and embracement. Today here we shall look at ten of the best cosplay costumes ever from HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series that was on July 16, 2017, renewed for its 7th season which also is its second last.


1. Ellaria Sand at the Purple Wedding (Season 4)

For the avid Game of Thrones fan it may have seemed as if at the time that Ellaria Sand may have mistaken the Royal Wedding for Coachella but then as a huge contrasting figure to all the other Tyrell, Lannisters and the leftover Stark all done up in stuffed upright heavy brocades and as thus Ellaria Sand's barely there get up would never be a miss for such an occasion and character of her magnitude. It is also at this point in the series that Ellaria Sand is introduced to most of the stuffy upright figures as well. These stuffy upright figures, however, all look down on her and sniff, even though the only big-mouthed character Cersei is the only one who is crass enough to actually remark upon her Sand status.

She must have been determined at the time to give the stuffy upright figures something to look down upon and envy. this with her amazing bronze hair chains that gave the illusion of long flowing hair, even as her own is tied back and the dress she has on I cut down to her navel. It is important to note the strong shoulder motif for the strong women which is more noticeable when she is not wearing the hair chains later at the time when Oberyn duels the Mountain. However this look, which is one of only two that she seems to have brought out in King's Landing, is an interesting standout that did put her on the same footing as her husband, and it also helped to define what we are going to be seeing in this new season when the set travels to Dorne.

2. Cersei Sansa (Season 3)


One among the most outstanding outfits that have ever been worn by Cersei Sansa on the Game of Thrones was the wine and gold trimmed velvet brocade from her wedding in Season 3. Anyone watching the series may consider the outfit to have been part and parcel of Sansa's wedding, being the epitome of Lannister's power back in season one. But then they have by this time made already made that deal with the Freys that is going to take down Robb Stark, although the ordinary audience may not have an idea about this agreement.

In forcing the marriage between Sansa and Tyrion, they have outdone the Tyrell's momentarily by securing the loyalty of that person that is going to become the key to the north under the Lannister name by matrimony. The Cersei style look is a form fitted bodice with an A-line skirt with a pair of long bell sleeves that come to a point. This doublet style bodice with a large framing neck is a striking look that the audience may relate to the striking look that was worn by Margaery. Margaery is a fashion magnet in the Game of Thrones already and thus she pushes her rival to dress in a copycat manner in an aim to seem much younger.

3. Oberyn’s Brocades (Season One)

Oberyn's silhouette fashion design that is coupled with a near full skirted robe did bring a touch of the Indian and the Middle East to a largely European medieval fantasy and the tailor did a good job on his shirts which were cut to ensure that they show as much cleavage as his current paramour Ellaria did back in episode 10 of the King's Landing.

Oberyn's brocade is unlike the others that we see in the Game of Thrones more so season one seems more sleek and touchable which can't be said about Tywin or Joffrey. The colors even at the time of his shot are far much louder and brassier. It is clear that he is not a shy man and he wants us to look at him and he is going to enjoy as looking as he assumes that we will enjoy what we see. Oberyn's golds and oranges also match those of the King's landing even though he stands out from others.


4. Dany’s Qarth (Season Two)

Not much would have been said about Dany in season one when it comes to matters of dressing as it seemed that she borrowed most of the outfits if not seen in horse leathers of nothing else but dragons. In season two she got uplift and the change was noticeable. When she arrived in Qarth, she was under the patronage of Xaro Xhoan Daxos who went ahead to buy her whatever she wanted and style her however way that she wanted. 

It is at this point that the blue silks and pleated skirts are first seen. Unfortunately for the audience, it is a bit hard to see this get up in the screenshots because aside for just wearing them, she also resorted to wearing enormous golden filigree accessories in both belt form and neck ruff style. This may have been a peculiar way of her wearing a type of armor and it gives a hint on how vulnerable she felt in this strange city but then they still are amazing and striking at the same time too.

5. Joffrey at the Purple Wedding (Season Four)


When Joffrey attended the Purple Wedding in season four, it was the last time that we saw him wearing that was as fitting as he had on that occasion, this also happens to have been his best attire ever. He was dressed in a Lannister gold doublet that included long over sleeves that somehow echoed the very long belled silhouette once adorned by his own mother. A difference also comes in the fact that the wine and blood color is gone and is now replaced with a magnificent blue that is really striking to everyone that manages to notice it.

The reds of the Lannister designs are also gone and are replaced with blue, Margaery's color. It may not come forward in the doublet as might have been expected, but it is still the color that rests beneath the brocade pattern, thus helping it stand out as regal. The costume is all about Margaery's influence on him and her ability to get to him from the inside out as can be seen in the pairing of the accessories of the sash and belt which are also deep dark blue. The crown also has stag horns that have vines growing in between them, wrapping themselves around the points.

6. The Lannister Armor

Any character going into battle as a soldier in any battle in the Game of Thrones will always want to be Team Lannister because of their armor which is nothing short of purely impressive. The helmets have a face that swings open to the huge lion crests carved on the shoulders and elbows, the soldiers are a stunning sight when marching into battle or down the road in a column while representing Team Lannister.

The helmets have some expensive details too in the form of the inside of the face flaps that are lacquered red gorgeous filigree for the all important air holes. A close-up detail of the armor reveals regal lions on either side of the bodice and a good look at the huge circle collar, which is also embellished with lions and filigree work


7. Cersei’s Ultra Lannister Look (Season Two)

Going deep into the conversation about Lannister armor, we have Cersei sporting her own version of the Lannister armor and in what appears to be her most stunning look ever on the Game of Thrones. Up until the rollout of Season 2, we have seen her previously in her Queen Cersei mode even after the passing on of her husband, with the crowning hair rolls and braids in what we can settle on defining as the Southern Style. But then with her husband Robert now deceased a few months and Tyrion now the head, Cersei has now stepped out of the wrap of timidity that engulfed her and now she takes charge of what she sees as her meddling and troublesome little brother. Her hair now has a trademark style of being worn down a style which appears to be what she is most comfortable with.

Never before is she wearing any pigment of red darker than this or the gold in her sleeves underside. Aside from all the magnificence of the armor that has been detailed above, there is the additional feature of the metal work on the bodice which is her own version of the armor. The reason why we did not get a chance to see this in Season One was that the character was real life pregnant for most of the filming of the King's Landing. The costume makers, however, took full advantage of her delivery and absence of a baby bump in Season Two and did everything they can to bring out her hour glass figure and give her that real regal look for the ages.

8. Dany Meereenese Ruler Outfit (Season Four)


Daenerys Stormborn of the House of Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Breaker of Chains, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and the Mother of Dragon, all of which she is well aware of and thus has to dress herself in a manner that is worth all her names and titles.The outfit also ranks as Dany's sexiest costume ever as it comes with a large keyhole at the breast that serves to bring out her feminine and sexual appeal, the arms are however fully covered. With the upgrade in her status, Dany is confident enough not to wear layers of gold made accessories in order to announce her status.

It is worth noting that the entire embroidery work on the dress is specifically not gold or any other sort of metallic color. Her accessories are also reduced to the bare minimum of just a bracelet and a ring which goes to support her lack of need to announce her status. We can clearly not as we have from the beginning that Dany's style is nothing more than simple and elegant and when it comes to power she knows who she is and that strong self-realization dispels the need of her showing you who she is. 

9. Sansa’s Wedding Gown (Season Three)

Making the number two spot on our list is the wedding gown that we saw on the first ever Lannister wedding that was staged back in Season 3, when the vicious Lannisters added to their ranks the one woman that they counted on to be the Key to the North for them, this happened even before the Tyrell's realized that the King in the North was powerless now and only as good as dead.There is so much to be said about this look but first and foremost is the undeniable fact that there is not even a single speck of Stark in it. All there is Lannister gold over and over again.

You look at the detailing and also notice that it is lions and not wolves as would have been expected of the Stark's. The metal hip is another big contrast as its details reflect the Lannister armor style and not what the Starks would ever dare to wear. Another striking and outstanding feature of this outfit is the return of the Cersei hairdo way back from Season 1 that Sansa so hard tried to emulate but had clearly abandoned when she managed to break free from her engagement to Joffrey. The style which also likes the dress has been forced upon Sansaby her captors to show just who the one in charge is and who is subordinate in this case. 


10. Margaery’s Wedding Gown (Season Four)

Making it to the number one spot of sheer magnificence when it comes to cosplay costumes in the Game of Thrones is the wedding gown worn by Margaery on her wedding day in Season Four. Many might have termed it as foolish for the Lannister's to tempt the gods twice by holding two marriages, but then again they are the Lannisters and whatever they wish to do, they do. The show went all out for Joffrey's wedding both because they were aware of the fact that the higher they showed the Lannister's flying in their opulent display of overflowing wealth and power than the harder the fall would be when Joffrey died.

There is no other single costume that has been talked of as much as this dress has been talked of, with even Natalie Dormer herself referring to it as a piece of couture. Its magnificence is coupled up with the fact that each and every rose was hand rolled, every thorn was hand stitched from brown leather and made in a way that it was just sharp enough to leave you more than surprised. The fit can be described as being exquisite while the crowning achievement for the whole outfit is the hair. The most amazing feature about this dress that Margaery wore on her wedding is that unlike Sansa who was the other person for whom the Lannsiter's held a wedding. Sansa was on her wedding day to Tyrion bedecked in Lannister gold and lions but as for Margaery, she came to her wedding to the King as befitting her house.