Costume play or better known as cosplay is an art that involves the use of certain costumes to depict certain fictitious characters and make them appear real with a few human features such as the ability to talk. The art was derived from Asia, the country of Japan to be particular. Previously the art had not gained much fame but of late it’s been making headlines as more and more movie directors and producers embrace the art in their process of filmmaking.

The cosplay art is seeing a massive and wild boom because of the master artist of such spread, social media. Recently, people are not just satisfied with having to sit down and watch their favorite cosplay actors do the acting alone but they also want to dress like them, walk like them, talk like them and pose like them in their photos that they post on social media. This has seen more and more people become aware of cosplay and with the celebration of Halloween, the art just gained more familiarity and embracement. Today here we shall look at ten of the best cosplay costumes ever from HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series that was on July 16, 2017, renewed for its 7th season which also is its second last.